Saturday, December 12, 2015

[MV Review] TaeTiSeo - "Dear Santa"

TaeTiSeo set off the first round of SM's Christmas promos with the promising "Dear Santa."

When this song started, I was pissed, and when I finished it all the way through I was happy and also very pissed. What the hell is up with that intro? I I don't mind a ballad-ey intro as long as they're good but that was pretty shitty. It was the exact thing I was hoping SM would not make TTS do as expected SM to throw them a generic sad ballad and call it a day. I don't know what the hell their producer was thinking: "Hey lets shove this half-assed R&B turd right before a whimsical Christmas song!" Ugh, I really wish they'd just made it a separate song buried on the mini-album instead and let the actual good part of "Dear Santa" shine without the first minute and twenty-five seconds bringing the song down.

Thankfully 1:25 and forward is much, much better. I love the cheeryness, the bells, the overall joyfulness of the song. It's not anything groundbreaking, as it's your standard upbeat dance Christmas that is another re-hash of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" only with more o Tiffany's English catch-phrases. Their vocals don't over-power the instrumental, but they're still strong and pretty sounding, and overall, the song is very is happy and makes me want it to be Christmas already so it does it's job fairly well.

The music video is gorgeous and filled with Christmas imagery that you'd expect from a song like this. Red, green, and gold. The girls look absolutely stunning, especially Taeyeon and I'm happy to see her smiling given that this is like her third-promotion of the year and she must be exhausted.

Overall "Dear Santa" isn't revolutionary, but Christmas songs are never really revolutionary nor are they supposed to be. They're just their during these times of the years to remind you to smile, have a good time, and stay warm.

"Dear Santa" as a full song gets a 4/5, however without that crappy intro it gets a 5/5. Christmas spirit is hard for me to hate, and "Dear Santa" carries that spirit well enough for me.

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