Wednesday, December 9, 2015

[MV Review] PSY - "Daddy" + "Napal Baji"

Psy made a comeback and it's his best work since "Gangnam Style."

"Gangnam Style" was awesome for many scale reasons. "Gentleman" was a nice followup and then "Hangover" was just an overkill of the same concept. However "Daddy" revives that concept with a whole knew take on it.

"Daddy" carries the same electro-pop vibe as GS and Gentleman, but it carries a club-banger beat which makes it unique in that since. The music video is truly hilarious as it takes the used-and-abused "shake what your mama gave ya"/"I got it from my mama" saying, and makes it into a more comical twist with saying that Psy got his hot body from his dad. It features a little kid, regular man, and ajussi Psy all saying that they got their bodies from their daddies, and it's quite hilarious. There's some obvious odes to Gangnam Style and Gentleman especially when there's the dance shots with the women, but in the end "Daddy" has it's own identity making it one of the better comebacks of the year.

Also, thank god CL doesn't rap outside of "Where'd you get that body from?" Although I like her, her featuring in "Daddy" would have been awkward, and in the end, she looks great in the music video and her part isn't overly done, making her appearance enjoyable and humorous.

While "Daddy" was obviously more for his international fans, Psy pays his domestic fans a treat with "Napal Baji." I think I might like this even more than "Daddy" because I'm loving the 70's funk/disco game show sound to the song and those horns during the chorus are very infectious and get stuck in my head. The MV is also very humorous and entertaining but not in the way that all of his other videos have been. I also really love the color pallet here. I don't why but I found it very pleasing to the eye.

Also, those pants, Psy and f(x) might officially bring back bell bottoms because damn do they make those look good.

Overall, I give Psy's newest comeback a 5/5. A triumph of a return back to his roots.

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