Thursday, December 10, 2015

[MV Review] Lovelyz - "For You"

Lovelyz's glorious comeback is glorious.

I'd like to point out the fact that Woolim is doing the smartest thing since addign Jisoo back to the group: having Lovelyz comeback right when they were at their peak with their viral acapella cover. This would assure people would remember Lovelyz's name instead of just knowing them for the cover and forgetting about them within two weeks. Not only do we get a comeback, but Woolim also gave Lovelyz a fandom name which the album is named after, meaning even more positive publicity. Hats off to you Woolim for this.

People are comparing this song to APink and GFriend, and I agree this carries a similar song, but I don't view that as a negative. "For You" carries that 90's throwback jam which is jarring from Lovelyz who usually do 80's inspired music. Is it up their with "Ah Choo", "Hi~" or "Candy Jelly Love"? No, but it's not too far behind. The song has a nice airy feeling without it sounding boring or under-produced which I admire. In fact, while most compare it "Remember", I'd say it's closer to "I Need You", one of my absolute favorite APink songs. The appear to carry that same sound if you know what I mean.

The music video is very pretty. I feel like Woolim is trolling people with releasing a summer themed music video while everyone is releasing winter-themed music video. I like that. Every member looks great, especially my bias Jungkook Yein.

I heard there was some controversy over the passports where it was stated that they went to Jeju, but you wouldn't need passports for Jeju so everyone's accusing them of being "dirty" and going to film their music video in Japan. Yeah, I don't understand the dirty part, but giving them passports when it was stated they were in Jeju is pretty stupid on Woolim's part.

In other glorious news, it is stated that the "Lovelinus" single album will be sold physically and will also come with photocards. I love Lovelyz so much that I'll be getting "Lovelinus" physically when I get their "Lovelyz8" mini (I've been scrapped for cash otherwise I would have been bought L8 but I digress.) Not just because of the photocards, but because I really want to support Lovelyz as ot8 to show Woolim that I want Jisoo to stay with Lovelyz and to not listen to uneducated netizens. Also, the other two songs on the album are great. My favorite is "Circle" but if you have an appitite for a typical Lovelyz bop there's "Bebe". Sadly there's no "Sugar Sugar". I hope that's their next title-track.

In the end is "For You" their best song? No. Could it be better? Probably, but it's still an addictive track that I see myself repeating so it gets a 4.5/5.

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