Friday, December 4, 2015

[MV Review] BTS - Run

After some trolling and teasing BTS close their "Most Beautiful Moments in Life" era with "Run." And it's quite the high note to end on.
What I like about "Run" is that it's a sound that BTS has never tried but it still remains a great song. It's this upbeat dance number that sounds like the closest thing they've ever came to a mainstream pop song, while keeping the typical angst and addictive qualities of their past tracks. The song starts off exciting and the song just keeps it's fast pace right until the end. The song goes from rapping-to-singing quite a bit, and never really gives enough time for one to let either sink in, but that plays to the songs strengths rather than it coming off as a jumble of voices. The bridge doesn't even go too soft (at least for my liking.) It's obvious that BTS probably won't be able to top "No More Dream" (which is within my top 3 k-pop songs ever) but as long as they remain consistent and steadily putting out quality songs (which they have) I'll consider myself a stan of theirs. Which is more than what I can say for another boy group that had multiple comebacks this year with none but one of the songs being even half as good as this.

The video is an obvious continuation of "I Need U" but while INU was all doom and gloom (a great video but still depressing), Run is all over the place and I mean that in a good way. I won't go into detail about the story-line because there are theories all over the place and nobody on this site really cares about that. So I'll just cut to the chase: yes all the members look exceptionally hot like they always do. In fact I'll go out on a limb and say this is their best video yet in terms of each member being fappable, which is saying a lot since BTS's videos usually hit the nail on the head when it comes to styling their members good.

Of course Jimin being too good to be true.

The only down side to the MV is that there are no dance cuts but that's minor since the live stages will more than likely have dancing.

Other than "Run" being a damn great song, some of the album tracks are pretty good too. I really like "Buttefly" (yes the ballad is actually one of the better songs) and that Kendrick Lamar "I" remake, however the rest of the album is also pretty listenable. However those who fall ill to yoloswag shit should pass on "Baebsae".

The only thing I'm praying for is that knowing how Big Hit promotes BTS, there will probably be a follow up MV for one of the songs from the album, and I'm praying it's not "Baebsae." Sure I like it (to an extent that is) but I don't see them getting anywhere with that song. I'm hoping they'll give "Butterfly" or "Ma City" a MV because they're overall just more appealing songs with "Ma City" has appeal to people outside of Seoul since none of the members grew up in Seoul and it's basically them talking about what they like about the cities they grew up in and "Butterfly" just being more easy on the ears.

Overall, I'd say "Run" is another good comeback for BTS to add under their belt, and it keeps up with their already good discography. While I'm a bigger fan of their older stuff, it's not like they've turned into a group that releases shit after shit with each new release.

Side Note: I'm surprised no one got out of their car in that tunnel scene. I don't care how much I love BTS, if someone blocked a tunnel and then proceeded to vandalize and stomp all over my car, they'd be getting a bat to the face.

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