Tuesday, December 15, 2015

f(x) Releses Their Christmas Song

SM kicks off the Winter Garden promotions with f(x)'s new Christmas-meets-deep-house song.

I like this surprisingly. They basically took their "4Walls" sound and made it Christmasy. It serves up some 90's Ru Paul realness which I don't mind at all. The verses are a bit dull but the chorus is really likable here. It's not their best song but what group has a Christmas song as their best song (aside from those who only do Christmas songs)? It's better than the strew of ballads that will have and will come out, and in the end I'm happy with the ending results. It keeps the f(x) sound with some Christmas spike. 

There's sadly no video for this. I hope one comes out soon though. If not I'll feel cheated out of an f(x) promotion but I should be used to that by now being an f(x) stan and all.

I hope SM does the same with Red Velvet and BoA's Christmas songs keeping the "Dumb Dumb" sound for RV's and the "Kiss My Lips" or "Lookbook" sound for BoA's. Who wouldn't want to here a Christmas bop version of "Dumb Dumb"? Even if it turns out bad it would just be amazing to say "Why yes, that exists."

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