Sunday, December 20, 2015

Double Standards: Yeri and Tzuyu

It's no secret that k-pop can exploit minors, however JYP has reached a new peak with how he's promoting Twice member Tzuyu.

Keep in mind, I am not hating or throwing shade at Tzuyu herself. Tzuyu's great. I am aiming this post at how Tzuyu's being promoted/how she's being managed. If anything, this is more so for JYP than anyone else, or Tzuyu's manager/PR person.
(However let's be honest I could repeat this statement a million times and still have Tzuyu fans bitch and moan in the comments section about how I'm just hating on her because she's hotter than me. News flash: I'm a Twice stan, that includes all the members are loved equally with only Sana coming out as my #1 bias because she is bae.)

Unfairly pretty indeed.

I won't link the video because let's face it, if you don't like something and you don't want it to get attention then the last thing you should do is share it on an internet platform however this may impair your perception of the situation because you'll have nothing to compare it to. But let's just say: if you type in "Tzuyu cf" in youtube then you'll know what I'm talking about.

I've had a bit of an uncomfortable relationship with the way Tzuyu's being promoted since the groups competition show, Sixteen, where it seemed almost all of her performances were more focused on her being sexy at the age of fifteen.

Everyone who knows about Twice or Tzuyu has seen this so it's really no big surprise linking it here. 

Look everyone who has more than ten brain cells know that cute concepts where there are simple teenage girls in school uniforms are nothing more than fap content for teenaged school boys and uncle fans in disguise but at the end of the day there is a reason why so many groups with younger members do the school girl concepts: it's just more age appropiate. At the age of sixteen, which is Tzuyu's age, you'r way more closer to "Studying for the ACT/SAT/CEA/Insert-Other-Bullshit-Standardized-Test-Here", than "going to club, getting drunk and having a one-night stand" (nothing wrong with that of course just use condoms!) And JYP is promoting Tzuyu as something that she honestly wont be able to experience for another two-three years.

What's worse is that Tzuyu's stans are using the whole "Unnie didn't mean it!" Stance like it actually applies here. Tzuyu is not responsible for the way she is promoted. Tzuyu is an idol, she has absolutely no choice in the projects she has. So for those to act like Tzuyu is in complete control of her career are kind of stupid.

They will also use bullshit-ass excuses like "She's physically mature for her age, so it's okay." Go watch the movie "Towellhead" and then see if you'll say that shit again. Just because a girl is physically mature does not mean she's ready to be thrusted into adult situations. And that also evokes the stereotype that girls who aren't physically mature are automatically mentally immature. Going off that mentality alone you're basically saying Nayeon is less of an adult than Tzuyu because Tzuyu's body is more "womanlike" than Nayeon's.


So you may ask where Yeri comes into all this? Well you see Yeri is older than Tzuyu by three months but get's treated like a twelve year old by Red Velvet stans. No one ever comes at an older Tzuyu stan but if you're older and state that you're a Yeri stan prepare for a slew of people calling you a "pedophile." When others bring this up people will stay stuff like "Well Yeri is promoted differently" or "Yeri is immature" or even the cirngeworthy "Yeri isn't as sexy." None of that matters. They're both sixteen, and being an eighteen year old, I look back at some of the shit I said and did and wanted as a sixteen year old and think "You really didn't know shit back then didn't you?" People are quick to bring up the whole "That's not them. Their company just promotes them like that." Only when it's beneficial for their argument. If an idol does something stupid on a show their fans will be like "Oh their company probably told them to do that. They have no choice over what they do." However the second someone criticizes an idols image, not the idol themselves they'll be all "They want to do this. This is what they want." Thus further proving my argument that k-fans really don't know shit about how idols operate and how only very, very few idols who are typically very famous and have been in the business for a very long time have control over what they do.

And, what these fans also don't realize what they're doing, is furthering the other stereotype that only girls who are short and don't have all the curves can do a cute style while taller or curvier girls can only do sexy concepts. Which is false. Apink's Hayoung, GFirends Sowon and every member of SECRET proves that you can be any size and work any concept when given good direction as well as work with people who understand the concept of a k-pop groups comes through what can be best associated with the group at a time.

Then there are those nationalist airheads who think just because a certain age is legal means that the whole world agrees with their country. As an American I can say "no" to that as I come from one of the most backwards thinking countries on the planet and am still in shock that Donald Trump has followers. First Tzuyu is from Taiwan, second she is a k-pop idol. The legal age of consent in Taiwan is sixteen while the legal age of consent in Korea is thirteen. However, you don't see thirteen year old girls parading around like twenty-five year old women. They're in school uniforms going to school and studying. Not saying either is right or wrong. This isn't a matter of what is right or wrong, this is a matter of Tzuyu not being managed properly.

Look, I personally love that Twice's concept isn't typical. I have nothing against it. But I can't deny that while this type of "exploitation" is common from JYP who had Hyuna doing sketchy shit at fifteen, and it's just getting creepy. And the fans are doing absolutely nothing to help. 

Again, Tzuyu has nothing to do with what she does. Every career move her and the other members of Twice make is all pre-determined by JYP and their managers. So, saying shit like "She wants to do this" cannot be proven what so ever because everything idols do is a product of what their company wants them to do. Hell, Tzuyu might hate her image and Yeri might also hate hers, however since their idols and they have to do whatever they're told to, they just take it for what it is. And at the end of the day, Tzuyu is fucking sixteen. She doesn't know what she wants. No sixteen year old does, and those that claim they do, are naive. Yes their are teenagers that are mature but at the end of the day, they are still teenagers, let them be teenagers. Their time will come.

P.S. To all of you who use Britney Spears as an example in order to defend this let me just say this: and how did she turn out? Yeah I thought so.

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