Sunday, December 13, 2015

BTS Releases The Japanese Version of "I Need U"

And it sucks. 

You guys know I typically balance out my deep love for BTS with shitting on their Japanese releases so I don't turn delusional, and for a good reasons: their Japanese remakes just suck. You guys know how I feel whenever BTS remakes their Korean songs in Japanese. It just doesn't flow well, the syllables are all choped up and weird and "I Need U" is no exception.

 Take note I think "I Need U" is a pretty good song, however putting Japanese words against a melody that was made for the Korean language is rarely a good choice no matter what group does it. But BTS is one of those groups that remake all of their songs in Japanese and it pisses me off. Sign, and it's a shame because they actually do have great original songs like "Wake Up" which I would link if Japan wasn't a dick about music rights and had the song removed from YouTube (there's a reason why Japan's music business is so profitable: nothing is free. Ever.)

In their usual Japanese fashion, the music video is pretty good. So just mute the video, and play the original "I Need U" over this and you basically just have an alternate version of the music video that won't cause your ears to tic.

In the mean time, BTS is scoring #1's in Korea with the great "Run" and "I Need U" is doing well in Japan so hopefully Big Hit can take some of the money they're making from BTS and put into making a Japanese album that isn't full of remakes and two original songs.

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