Monday, November 2, 2015

Seveteen Tissue Equation

Seventeen was lovely on Weekly Idol, however I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that they need tissues more than anything else now adays. But then I remembered this is a dorm shared by thirteen boys so tissues are a must, and since I'm a person that's always trying to improve their shitty math skills, I might as well make up an equation to calculate just how many tissues is using these days. Yes, I have no life.

There's thirteen boys, so thirteen is obviously a very important factor in this.
I'm going to guestimate that each of them fap 2~3 times a day.
I'm also going to guestimate that they shit at least once a day.
Since it is the time for colds, let's say that out of thirteen of them, 3~5 have colds at the time and use about ten tissues a day.

So according to that "data" and my shitty math skills the equation to this should be (given the bare minimum):


That's 69 tissues a day at a minimum so at a maximum, 3(13)+1(13)+5(10), the amount of tissues raises to 102 tissues.

In America there are typically only 30-40 tissues in a standard box of tissues so that means that Seventeen is maybe possibly using 2-3 boxes of tissues a day on a fucking minimum. Fuck expensive gifts, next time you plan on getting your Seventeen bias a gift, give them some tissue boxes because let's face it, they need all they can get.

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