Friday, November 13, 2015

[MV Review] VIXX - Chained Up

I wrap up my round of music video reviews with VIXX who have redeemed themselves 100% after the tragedy of a song that was "Love Equation."

"Chained Up" carries that punchy animated vibe that I love VIXX's songs for. The verses don't lack substance and the chorus is catchy and carries impact. The rapping isn't overpowering and glides well, the vocals are strong and pretty. It's everything you want out of a VIXX song.

The music video is like a Nine Muses BDSM thing with "Wild." I honestly saw it coming since VIXX's concept as a group has always been creepy but aesthetic imagery. I'm not really into the BDSM concept though however it refrains from being nightmarish, so like "Wild" it's good in my book. Plus there is that beautiful box of flowers that I can't get over.

The members all look good here, I really only pay attention to Leo and N, who are both looking stellar as usual (I'm actually surprised at how well Leo can rock blonde hair but he still looks best with jet black imo.) However if you're into any of the other members, they all look great too.

I give this release a 5/5, great song and some nice dark imagery that we expect from VIXX.

First Rania with "Demonstrate" then Tahiti with "Skip" and now VIXX with "Chained Up." It's been a damn good week for K-pop in my books.

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