Friday, November 13, 2015

[MV Review] TAHITI - Skip

It appears that despite their greater hit than miss ratio, Tahiti just can't make it out of nugudom. Which is a shame because they really do deserve better.

When I think of Tahiti's discography, I can only that I don't like: "Phone Number." It wasn't terrible but it lacked the upbeat sound that made Tahiti so amazing. "Oppa You're Mine" is still my favorite song of 2014, and I still love every other song they've made before. "Skip" makes Tahiti returns to their roots.

I love the slightly Spanish vibe this has over what (I think) is a Europop beat. It makes me want to get up and dance, and that's what Tahiti songs are supposed to be: dance bops that make you want to get up and shake everything on your body. At first I wasn't fan of the squealing "SKIP SKIP SKIP SKIP SKIP!" or the disoriented saxophone, but once I put on my headphones the "SKIP!" is a whole lot more tolerable and after a couple of listens the sax easily grew on me. Tahiti has another hit on their hands!

The music video is... interesting? I mean, I really like the clear peppy blue filter they've put over the music video, some of their outfits are cute, but the bear peeping on them is creepy. In fact, the only bear I really like in music videos was Lee Hi's "It's Over." This will probably give me nightmares of bear wanting to see me naked. It's not a bad music video, but I'm just not a fan of it.

The girls all look good. I don't like the lighter color on one of the members, but I do enjoy the black bowl cut on the other (I'm not sure of their names just yet.)

I give this release a 4.5/5, again song is a 5/5 but the video creeps me out so I'm docking it half a mark.

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