Friday, November 13, 2015

[MV Reivew] Rania - Demonstrate

Rania make a long awaited comeback with new music and new members and it's pretty ass kickin' good.

I've remained a neutral fan of Rania since "Dr. Feel Good" which I thought would have been better if it weren't for that overly repetitive noise. However I really loved "Style" and "Just Go" when they came out and I'm always up for more Di and T-ae.

Well they've added a new member, Alex, who happens to be black which I'm personally excited for and the public has generally showed genuine interest for so maybe this will be Rania's big break.

In the meantime "Demonstrate" is pretty damn good. It wastes no time coming out with a bombastic intro with a instrumental that is pretty attention grabbing with loud horns and synths that sound like American pop music circa 2005-2007 which I am all for. I actually love all of the vocal acrobats that are going on because it doesn't overpower the instrumental. Kpop has a tendency to put light-weight pop songs with vocals that bury the instrumental. But here, the strong vocals go with the instrumental because the instrumental is big enough to stand out even when the singers are hitting high notes.

The most interesting part about the music video is most definitely the neon fashion. Cube's fashion needs to realize that this is how you style neon, all the girls look fantastic... except for Alex because she's not even in the music video. Apparently Rania's agency is so broke that they couldn't delay the music video release for a few days while Alex sorted out her VISA issues. Wow, just wow.

The music video isn't really anything to write home about because it's highlight really is the fashion and how amazing the members look, some cool sets, it misses a member that was a big part in the promotion of the song. 

My only complaint about the song is that the instrumental is a bit repetitive, but it's ahead of a lot of songs this year in terms of having interesting backings without a whole lot of noise (nothing wrong with that, it's just nice to hear something non trendy but good.)

I give the release a 4.5/5. It would have been a 5/5 with the song alone or with Alex in the music video.

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