Friday, November 27, 2015

BTS's Teaser Photos Shows That Yoongi and J-Hope Shit All Over Everyone

The album teaser looked very promising, but these teasers are multiplying that hype by 1000 and it's all because of Yoongi and and J-Hope.

That's some Grade A glory right there.

Of course, all the other members look great to, including my fave, Jimin:

And let's not undermine Jin's hotness:

Or the fact that Jungkook's noona fans no longer have to worry about Chris Hansen!

Or Namjoon and his everything.

And V being unfairly adorable as always:

Bonus Jimin because he's playing with fawkn' bubbles.

I'm aboard this hype train. May BTS forever prosper in the subject of having good music and insanely hot members.

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