Friday, November 6, 2015

BAP's Comeback

It appears that after all of that drama, the best thing about the TS lawsuit was that BAP is finally going back the basics with their latest mini album.

"1004"(Angel) disappointed me. It's my least favorite BAP title track to date for sheer boredom and I think other songs off of the album like, for example,  would have been much better title tracks.

"Young, Wild, and Free" (based off of the very short preview) sounds like BAP is finally going to get that classic, in your face song that we fell in love with them for. 

Hopefully with the release of the new album, BAP can hit daebak, get some endorsements so they can make some money, Secret can finally have some money for a comeback, and people will stop boycotting Sonamoo and they can do well too.

Also, Zelo has black hair. And that in itself is a blessing.

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