Monday, October 26, 2015

[Album Review] Red Velvet - The Red

"Dumb Dumb" is by far one the songs I've replayed the most, and Red Velvet's first studio album altogether is no joke either. 

1.) Dumb Dumb - Covered here. TL;DR, fantastic upbeat song with a driving baseline that deserves props for not being recycled.

2.) Huff N Puff - This should go down in history as one of the zaniest, most oddest songs to have ever seen the light. Especially in a genre like k-pop, where things can get quite generic. Huff N Puff has many worlds that are interchangeable. Going from a quirky playful tune, to a dark-synthed pre-chorus and a giddy chorus. This won't be everyone's cup of tea, I don't expect it to. But for me, "Huff N Puff" is the kind of crazy I like.

3.) Campfire - One of my absolute favorites from this album. The warm production matches the romantic lyrics, and while it's nowhere near as kooky as the past two, this song holds up on it's own as a great, pretty sounding tune that is catchy and infectious. 

4.) Red Dress - At first I wasn't as blown away by this as everyone else was, but that surely changed after a couple of listens. "Red Dress" is a boss of a song, and it has that same feel as "Happiness" and "Ice Cream Cake." I find that RV's most bombastic songs sound like gym music. Not working out music. But your high schools pep rally in that sweaty gym where that one song plays that all the cheerleaders dance to that gets the crowd all hype and wild. I fucking love songs like that, hence my love for "Happiness", "Ice Cream Cake", and now "Red Dress."

5.) Oh Boy - This is a sexy R&B, but it's not overly slow or anything. It has some hip-hop fusion with it which gives it a lot of flavor. I find it has a similar vibe to "Campfire", like fraternal twins or something. Same catchiness, and same will-stay-in-your-head-foreverness and just as addictive.

6.) Lady's Room - This is my second favorite b-side right after "Campfire." I'm loving the glittering synths and dance beat as well as the humor in the lyrics. This has a bomb-ass chorus as it really picks up and never lets down until Wendy's final "Can I have your number?" It's the Red Velvet jam that is unlike all other Red Velvet jams.

7.) Time Slip - My anthem. I love to sleep and this song is what I'm thinking every weekend morning. I love how they took that phat bassline that DJ Muzard on The Beat loves to use and instead of making it hype, they make it sensual and dreamy. "Time Slip" is just a lovely song altogether. If you're not a fan of R&B then you wont like it, but I'm a fan of any song as long as it pleases my ears and "Time Slip" does that o-so-well.

8.) Don't You Wait No More - Like how "Campfire" and "Oh Boy" are fraternal twins, "Huff N Puff" and "Don't You Wait No More" are fraternal twins in the sense that they both have very similar styles but are put together way differently. DYWNM is like if a ass-shaking song went on crack and was made more kid-appropriate. I mean that in a good way.

9.) Day 1 - Look, I don't know what's been up with me but I've been taking a strange liking to ballads lately, and thanks to KPOPALYPSE, I've also taken a liking to Napalm Death for a cure. I usually wouldn't like a song like "Day 1" where it appears to be your standard Token Ballad but I guess it's the fact that it's speed up, pretty sounding, not over four minutes long and picks up greatly towards the end that's making me lable "Day 1" as one of my go to tracks on this album where it seems welcomely out of place between all the crazy.

10.) Cool Word - Awesome way to end the album. It's dreamy but without being slow and sensual (which would make it "Time Slips" fraternal twin) it's catchy and sweet, very pretty sounding. This could have honestly been the follow-up single to The Red's repackaged (if SM plans on making one that is.) 

I've honestly been playing "The Red" since it came out last month. The songs all stand on their own, not one comes off as useless filler, I mean damn. SM's been killing it with albums this year because every album has had more quality songs on it than usual, however The Red is the stand out SM album of the year so far.

I can't really differentiate the track list like I normally do since I pretty much love every song. SM didn't fuck around with Red Velvet's first album and it shows.

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