Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Some Info On How My Post Are Scheduled Here Vs. AKF

Might as well use Jungkook since his birthday was today.
Source: *someone at OneHallyu*

So as I stated before my posts are also being posted over on AKF as I started blogging there a few weeks ago. However if any of (all two of) you read both GOK and AKF, you'll notice that my past few blogs were posted on AKF first before here. 

I just wanted to let you guys know that was a bit of a mistake. My posts get scheduled for certain days over there and I was planning on just posting them the same day they were scheduled to appear, but I don't have good access to computers as much as I'd like to. When I write on this blog, I usually just post them as soon as I'm done with them. What I'm going to start doing is to just release the posts a soon as I'm done writing it on GOK, and at the same time, submit them to be scheduled on AKF. This means you'll be getting my post a few days maybe even a week earlier so yay!

So yes, that means the SNSD article below won't be on AKF for a bit, but it's on here now.

Also quite a bit of my content wont make it on AKF like MV reviews or visual post. This is because AKF already has people to review, I might review the boy groups on there or something but that's it. Also my "Visual" post are exclusive to GOK as well because I'm doing something different with the visuals over there that you'll see in a couple of days. I might do it for this blog too, I'm just thinking it over.

Alright that's everything, be good!

I'm gonna miss jokingly calling all your noona fans pedo-noonas X(

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