Saturday, August 15, 2015

The 3 Cute and Popular In's Are Wrecking My Bias List

Unlike most international k-pop fans, cute concepts don't bother me. Unlike most k-pop fans in general, a groups concept won't stop me from liking them. I like any group rather they're staple cuties (Apink), head turning sexies (Stellar), goofy badasses (4Minute), and headbanging metal chicks (Pritz) and the same for boy groups. 


I'm starting to notice a pattern with who I stan in cute groups. Thing is, cute groups aren't nothing new but they're more popular now than ever it seems. Cute concepts in 2015 are like sexy concepts in 2015. I don't mind because the songs that have been coming from cute concepts have been slaying hard this year. Lovelz, Playback, Oh My Girl, and GFriend even grew on me with "Me Gustas Tu", which I have been replaying A LOT, these last couple of days.

However, in groups outside of cuties, I find myself stanning the least popular ones. Like Luna from f(x), Seulgi from Red Velvet, Jiyoon from 4Minute, Soyeon of T-ara, Hyemi of Fiestar, Hyemi of Nine Muses, Taeyeon has been getting so much hate as of lately might as well mention her. I didn't plan on stanning the not-so-popular members, it was just who became my bias at the time of getting into that group.

However with all of these cutey rookie girl groups, I find myself stanning the most popular members. I don't know why, but in the past sure I had my niche group that loved my same biases, but it's just a little weird being the majority and seeing more people than usual stanning the people I have.

However the pattern not only lies within their popularity rank, but also within their names:

Jungkook Yein of Lovelyz (okay, she's already on my official bias list, but she's still worth a mention.)

The only way Lovelyz could get any more perfect is if Jisoo's in their next comeback.

I loved "Candy Jelly Love" and "Hi~" and their "Girls Invasion" album is by far one of my favorite k-pop album of all time. The repackage is also good too.

Arin of Oh My Girl

May OMG and Arin forever reign.

"Cupid" rocks my socks. It's still within my top 3 faves of the year.

Yerin of GFriend

Her leap-frog-and-wink move won me over instantly.

I wasn't too taken with GFriend's debut song, but "Me Gustas Tu" grew on me and I find it awesome in every way, I even enjoyed the album! I'm also glad that Jessica is happy and fitting in well with her new group.

Notice how all their names end in "In." Like how Sulli, Subin, and Ji-U were "The 3 Cao Ni Ma's" in Kpopalypse's bias list, "The 3 Popular In's" may or may not be taking up mine this year.

No that is not Seolhyun. It is Jungkook in a wig Yein.

Dorky Hammie-like smile ftw.

I know this sounds weird but natural-brown colored hair suits her so well.

My 2015 favorite songs list may get a lot of hate from anti-cute stans. I don't care at this point.

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