Saturday, August 29, 2015

Netizen's Fake Vocal-Faggotry* Needs To Stop

I've had it up here *mimics Moonbyul* with this shit.

So Stellar talked about how they don't care if their image is controversial if it gets people to pay attention to them, and a lot of netizens are saying, "If you guys really wanted fame for your music, then you would just become better singers and stop stripping." This is some utter bullshit, because I could make a list miles long of groups that netizens praise with barely any good singers.

Netizens go on an on about how singers "don't have any talent" and get famous for their image; meanwhile, they are the main ones buying their shit. SNSD is relying on Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun and Sunny as vocalist. That leaves four members that can't really offer much vocally to the group, but netizens love them. Oh and what's worse, they're JUST NOW realizing that SNSD are winning because they are the most popular girl group. No. Fucking. Duh.

Other groups include SISTAR, which relies on Hyorin's singing, and 2NE1 which, let's face it, isn't as talented vocally as YG brainwashed Blackjacks to be. Not to mention, they started shitting on Wonder Girls' vocals now that Sunye and Sohee left, but the only strong vocalists in Wonder Girls were Sunye and Yenny. It's not like they magically got any worse. You notice how this is all girl groups? That's because I can't even remember the last time I saw a netizen criticize a boy group for their vocals, if I've even read an article like that. 

These netz act like vocals are the most important part of being an idol when it's actually minuscule. Having a good producer, looking good and being competent at dancing is obviously more important and matters a whole lot more than being able to hit high notes. They'll bitch and moan about there being a "lack of talent" in idol groups, but at the same time, get Mamamoo in the top 10 with the group's least vocally driven song, Ladies' Code gets some attention only after two of their members pass away, and I'm pretty sure they've given up on SPICA. On top of that, everyone in Stellar can actually sing, but netizens are hypocrites and choose to complain about the fact that Stellar has a sexy concept. This again proves their "we're fans of music" stance wrong, because if they actually gave a damn about Stellar's music, they would listen every time the group made a release and not only when their concepts step up a notch.

Not to mention, if they really cared about vocals so much then the most talented members would be everyone's favorites. Who's the most popular in BESTie? Haeryoung. KARA? Hara. SNSD? Yoona. 4Minute? Hyuna. SISTAR? Bora. Wonder Girls? Yubin. Brown Eyed Girls? Ga-In. Red Velvet? Irene. Sure, some of the better singers get recognition, but notice how it's always the visuals everyone loves? Yeah, try the whole "Singers>Visuals" argument now.

Bottom line, netizens need to stop with this whole "I only care about good singers" shit, because at the end of the day, who are they going to vote for? SISTAR or SPICA?

*For those of you who don't read AKF, "Vocal Faggotry" has nothing to do with actually being gay, it's about having an obsessions with something.

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