Sunday, August 9, 2015

[MV Review] T-ara - So Crazy

T-ara take a brake from Shinsadong Tiger and go with k-pop's most over-used and over-hyped producer Brave Brothers, but it turns out way better than expected.

When I heard T-ara were going for Brave Bros, I cringed because Brave Bros only really produce gems for AOA and now Hello Venus. When I heard the teaser, I cringed because it sounded like he just recycled "Miniskirt" for the umpteenth time, but now listening to whole song it's actually pretty damn good. The organ isn't used as much and it ops for a more hip-hop meets spaghetti western vibe. It's not just the basic organ+horns+sultry beat mix, it takes that old (and stale) formula and spices it up with the different layers giving the production a fresh sound to match his new paring with T-ara. I've been replaying the crap out of this lately to be honest and I'm quite surprised. While the sound has been revamped the lyrics are the same old stale "I'm so hot cuz I'm so cool" formula which is so boring and repetitive at this point I'm praying someone hires a better lyricist. Not that lyrics are a major deal breaker in stuff like this, but it helps.

The music video has T-ara return to their days of having five minute+ music videos by having a story line but it's basically the AOA "Heart Attack" story line: Boys think they suck, they get a hot upgrade, then they don't suck anymore wrapped in a humorous packaged. However I do like the sailor concept, although SNSD and SISTAR have both done them, it's a concept that never gets old. Plus it's nice to see them in actual bunks working rather than there just being hot girls in sailor uniforms in random places. +1 for their not being killer strobe lights that will give you seizures in the mv that have been plaguing T-ara's music videos since forever.

I give this release a 4.5/5. Re-playable song, and a decent enough music video.

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