Sunday, August 9, 2015

[MV Review] SHINee - Married To the Music

With the success of the great "View", SHINee release a repackage of "Odd" with "Married To The Music" and the results are familiar and good.

MTTM has that funky sound they were trying with their "Dream Girl" era, only this time it's a lot more 70's sounding and has more harmonizing. The song is overall extremely bumpy and fun with lots of good energy floating around and it's just the good feel good song that you'd expect from SHINee.

The music video is fantastic, and goes down as one of my favorite music video. It has a dark Halloween feel, despite the fun sound of the song. It does have that "Rocky Horror" sort of feel to it which adds to its greatness. There is too much to write about so I'll highlight my favorite/key parts.

-Key's lemon neck
-Taemin getting his eyes knocked out of his sockets
-Onew getting his nose snatched and having orange blood for some strange reason
-Jonghyun throwing up confetti
-Jonghyun getting his lips "stolen"
-Minho getting his face burned by birthday cake
-That creepy bride
-SHINee party super hard. First View now this. Damn, wish every party was a SHINee party
-All of the members are dressed up as some form of a hot version of Frankenstein
-Onew's face
-Onew's smile
-Onew in general

I give this release a 5/5. Good song, damn good music video.

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