Saturday, August 29, 2015

[MV Review] Hyuna ft. Ilhoon - Because I'm The Best (Roll Deep)

Hyuna makes a comeback and it's okay.

Hyuna has had a good run, "Change", "Bubble Pop", "Ice Cream", and "Red" were all songs I really liked. But it appears that this is that bump in the road. It's not bad, it has some catchy bits, but it's not anything special. It's like a watered down YG song in the since that it tries to be something more special and next level, but while YG songs like that tend to be audio nightmares "Roll Deep" just winds up being plain and very "meh."

Hyuna has always played the try-hard card but she's played in a way that was always original to her. This is just fucking try-hard by ripping off any try hard American artist, and not in the cool way where it actually looks cool but in the way that makes it looks more rediculous than they are. Rihanna? Check. Miley? Check. Twerking? Check. And all wind up looking train-wrecky. What the hell happened between that awesome trailer and this music video?

Would have been a much better song and vid.

So you guys may be wondering did Ilhoon (my favorite from BtoB) have anything to offer in this MV? No. Ilhoon doesn't suit yoloswag shit at all. His rapping is meh here, his styling is terrible although he can look semi-decent in some parts, it's nothing I would put on my must-see-Ilhoon-like-this list. At all. I feel like this is what Kpoplypse felt like when trying to fap to Sulli during the "Red Light" promotions!

Not to mention that the makeup on Hyuna is just bad. It makes her look old and not in a hot way bit in a "this make-up is so caked onto my face it ages me badly" kind of way. The rest of the MV is like a stupider version of Spring Breakers, just neon everything, even less focus. It's just not at all pleasant. Plus there is fucking twerking, which most people are over by now and it just looks out-dated and desperate which is something Hyuna has never been. She's always been refreshing, cool, and confident however this screams the exact opposite of it. It's stale, a try hard hot-mess (and not the enjoyable kind), and again desperate.

Not to mention, the name of the song is "Roll Deep." Fucking "Roll Deep." Nothing can be more try-hard than that title, and this is the same genre that has BTS naming their albums "2 Cool 4 School", "O! R U L8 2?" and "Skool Luv Affair." "Roll Deep" as a title should have never seen the light of day.

Overall I give this release a 2/5. Hyuna can and has done better than whatever this was.

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