Sunday, August 9, 2015

[MV Review] GD&TOP - Zutter

"Let's Not Fall In Love" was decent (with excellent GD eye-candy mind you), but the real star of the "E" single is "Zutter" for better or for worse.

Oh it's no "Knockout", "Please Don't Go", or "High High", but what it is, is a return to one of my favorite subunits in all of k-pop. You all know I'm a GD stan, and GD&TOP had one hell of an album back in 2011, so to see them return is good, even if far from the best.

What I like about "Zutter" is that it doesn't try overly hard to be the next big thing or some revolutionary masterpiece, something that YG artist try too hard at. It's just a simple beat with some nice simple rapping from the two. It's easy enough on the ears and it keeps your attention without being overly flashy and wank-offy. GD and TOP's rapping doesn't sound like a razor grazing against your ear-drums (think "Bang Bang Bang"),they're just rapping nice and easy over a nice and easy beat. What makes "Zutter" good is that it's not trying overly hard to please, it's just being itself which is pleasing in its own right.

The music video is excellent even though I have no idea what the fuck is happening or what it's trying to convey. The best parts would be GD taking a shit, TOP giving GD a golden shower, and the dance solo for the two.... oh and we also get GD AND TOP LIGHTING BLUNTS IN THE BATHROOM. I don't care who says what, those things are stuffed with some Grade A marijuana. That just goes to show you how many fucks GD is giving at this point. 

I should just give this release a 5/5 for that. But I'll bite the bullet this time and give it a 4/5.

Overall my favorites from the MADE series is "Sober" and "Zutter." The others fall between "Okay" and "Dear God Why?"

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