Saturday, August 29, 2015

Gyuri The Goddess and From The Airport - The Little Prince

Right before Hara made her debut, Gyuri had a solo collab with indie band From The Airport which should be getting a lot more attention.

Wow I can't believe absolutely nobody talked to this. I saw no blog posts, no nothing in regards to this. Maybe it just got buried under Hara's solo effort but this was far more superior. Don't get me wrong, "Choco Chip Cookies" grew on me, and her solo album was pretty decent ("How About Me" NEEDS an mv DSP) but this blew me out of the water!

I think I'm in love with this because it's like an upbeat version of IU and Seo Taji's awesome collab last year with "Sogyeokdong". It has those dreamy synths but the band members bring in some guitars and drums to pick it the paste, and all of this with Gyuri's light-airy vocals flowing ontop of it, and you're at Primary with Choa and Iron's collab sleeper hit status.

The music video seems like DSP found the same set where they shot Seungyeon's awesome solo back in 2012 mixed with a grassland over an instagram filter but it's still nice to see to see in ethereal kind of way.

Bottom line, this needs more attention.

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