Saturday, August 15, 2015

Directioners Mad That K-Pop Fans Have More Determination Than Them

T-ara? More like T-AWESOME

Generally speaking, fans of any kind of pop music tend to be bat-shit insane, but Directioners just took the cake with this latest shit.

On any other given day, I wouldn't even think about voting on some stupid poll. But because of the salty 1D fans acting as if T-ara fans were stealing from their bank accounts, I voted.

To start off, I enjoyed this, not just to see the tears from the delusional part of the 1D fandom, but also the tears from netizens as well. T-ara are now in the finals against Beyonce and the netizens are already hating on them. But guess what, T-ara ahead by a lot.

This could mean that Beyonce's fans don't care, and to be honest, I can't blame them. Competitions like this are useless, but now that it has caused such an uproar, it now has some use. Directioners  should just admit that Queens have more dedication than them when it comes to polls. Hell, T-ara fans even voted out SNSD on a completely different poll. S-N-Fucking-D!

Now I was never crazy about 1 Direction. I like maybe one or two songs by them, but their music lacks big time, and I'd rather listen to Twenty One Pilots or Melanie Martinez. And when Zayn left (the only member I really cared for) it was like a sign. What makes Directioners so bad, is the that they shield their "hubbies" harder and more dangerous than any crazed k-pop I've ever seen, and that they're stupid racist, so racist they come of extremely anti-Asian. Seriously, the messages left on T-ara's SNS are pretty disturbing, and it's beyond the usual "Leave the industry, you'll never be liked" and "What iljin sluts" you would see on a Netizen Buzz website...And also going as far as to say that EunB and RiSe from Ladies Code are rotting in hell. Yeah, that's the kind of people we're dealing with.

Look, in k-pop, when they're nominated for something that involves international recognition, even if they're not a group they stan they're still gonna vote for them. They may tear each others throats apart domestically but they'll come together for some shit like this. Remember the reactions when SNSD won best music video for the YouTube awards back in 2013? Yeah it's like that.

So when T-ara won and crazy Directioners finally shut up (for the most part) the #DirectionersFuneral started trending world-wide, you bet I was laughing my ass off. Looks like they'll just have to step their determination game up!



  1. I have to agree, internet polls don't measure for the massive amount of sales in the industry. At least if we one day look back at the Korean Wave we at least know how to remain popular and on top. Always going to be a hammer looking to nail a stuck out nail, but at least T-ara and SNSD so how much they sorely stick out and no hammer from the Directioners can do that.

    Beside it was Asian countries that kept boy bands and girl groups alive throughout the millenium when Americans ditched it for rockstars.

  2. Thankyou for covering this topic. I finally have someone to sympathise with -_-

    1. T-ara deserve as much positive light as possible after what they've been through :)