Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ultimate Girl Group Comeback Smackdown: Summer Edition Part 1 - AOA Vs.SISTAR Vs. Nine Muses vs. Girl's Day Vs.Girls' Generation

With half of summer already done, lets take a look at some of the major girl group releases for the first half of summer! Who had the best song? Who had the best concept? Do they all fall or soar? Stay tuned and find out!

AOA (Ace of Angels) - "Heart Attack" Released: June 21, 2015

SISTAR - "Shake It" Released: June 21, 2015

Nine Muses - "Hurt Locker" Released: July 1, 2015

Girl's Day - "Ring Ma Bell" Released: July 6, 2015

Girls' Generation - "Party" Released: July 7, 2015

(Don't ask how I was able to embed "Party", lets just say I'm a sneaky cao ni ma for now.)

Who Has the Better Song: Out of the five songs above, I only love "Hurt Locker" and "Heart Attack." "Hurt Locker" blew "Heart Attack" out of the water for me. Nice combination of 70's guitar riffs with modern club banger beats. "Heart Attack" is just a great fast paced dance song that is reminiscent of k-pop back in 2011-2012. My favorite by far is "Hurt Locker."

Two out of the other three ain't bad. Sistar's "Shake It" is by far one of the laziest attempts at a dance songs I've ever heard in all of k-pop. It's just a recycled beat over and over again. However, it is very catchy and I can't bring myself to hate it, however it's still no "Touch My Body." In the end Playback out-SISTARed SISTAR. SNSD's "Party" is a bit less lazy as it tries to give the song some umph and has a really great bridge. However the chorus should have really picked up to give the song some sort of lift, and I hate the whistling, I just find it so cheesey. But other than that, it's fine just not my go to summer jam. It's like "Shake It" in the sense that it does have some catchy bits and again, the bridge is really pretty.

Girl's Day's song is... Bad. Not bad meaning good, but bad meaning bad. So you want to throw a harmonica harmony in there? Great, I love harmonica. However after that the song just falls into this silly, goofy, and loose tragedy. The verses are decent enough but the chorus is absolutely terrible and when a chorus is bad it's hard to like a pop song if the verses aren't stellar. I've liked majority of what Girl's Day has put out but I feel like this song should have never ever happened.

AOA - 1
Nine Muses - 1
Girl's Day - 0
Girls' Generation  - 0

Who Has the Better Concept: I like AOA's concept as lacrosse players as it follows into the groups concept of sexy cosplay. I have no fucking idea what SISTAR's concept is (don't mention the teasers as this is strictly MV) but it seems to be school girls, yoga/work out instructors, and parade leaders. Fine. Nine Muses are workers are a boating dock who happen to own fancy vehicles and smoke machines. Okay? Weird but I love it! Girl's Day is... who knows? And SNSD are regular beach babes in a getaway. In the end, Nine Muses and SISTAR's concepts stand out the most to me, so I'll give this to both of them.

AOA - 1
Nine Muses - 2
Girl's Day - 0
Girl's Generation  - 0

Which MV is Better/Has the Best Visuals: Ruling out SISTAR here from the getgo seeing as I can't tell what is going on in the MV outside of the butt shots because the camera is moving so fast and the coloring is so bright it's like watching a kid version of a T-ara music video. Not to mention I only really like Hyorin and Soyou's styling. AOA has always had good music videos with great visuals but I'm docking them this one because of the lost opportunities mentioned in my MV review. Nine Muses MV is fantastic, I love the angels and the styling on everyone so much I won't even bother docking points for Sojin (yes the Muses got a Sojin too) too-bright blonde hair. I would be docking Girl's Day's marks seeing as I have the same problems with this MV as I do with SISTAR's but I won't because this is the first MV where Yura really stood out for me. Seriously she looks absolutely stunning with red hair. I've always liked her, but she's never been the stand out girl for me (I'm in the minority, I know.) But with her red hair she's absolutely gorgeous! As for my bias Sojin, I only like her bleach blonde hair when it's wet but when it's dry it looks like someone stole an old Madonna wig and stuck it on her head without any styling done on it. However she looks great by the fountain. Overall the "Ring My Bell" MV has hit or miss shots, but all of the miss is made up for with Yura. SNSD's music video is my second fave after "Hurt Locker." It shows them outside by the pool in swim suits having fun and the girls look great. Especially Taeyeon who's rocking that mermaid hair.

AOA - 1
Nine Muses - 3
Girl's Day - 1
Girls' Generation - 1

Who Has the Better Music Video: AOA's has an actual plot unlike the other four, so I will give them the upper hand on this one, and I will also give this to Nine Muses as well for the MV's overall greatness. It's just so refreshing. And since SNSD is finally outside after being in the SM boxes, I feel like giving them a point too. Aren't I so Nice?

AOA - 2
Nine Muses - 4
Girl's Day - 1
Girl's Generation - 2

Which Comeback Was I More Hyped For: All equally.

AOA - 3
Nine Muses - 5
Girl's Day - 2
Girls' Generation - 3

Overview: Nine Muses is the clear winner racking in five points. AOA and Girl's Generation are tied with three which ain't bad. SISTAR and Girl's Day come in final with only two points. If I had to rank these comebacks it would go Nine Muses>AOA>>>SNSD>>SISTAR>>>>>>Girl's Day. In the end it is the songs that make want to listen and click on these videos, however this post is looking at whole package.

Stay tuned for Part 2 which will consist of Apink and Girl's Generation's upcoming two tracks and whoever else tries to throw together a comeback for the summer. I hear Stellar will be making a comeback, which I am looking forward to along with Hara's solo. Should be grand.