Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Two People You Should Give a Chance: Anda and Yankie

Some time ago I did a post on BESTie and HISTORY and today I'm going to do something similar only with two soloist: Anda and Yankie!

Anda sings mostly pop to my knowledge, however it seems to mostly be geared to adults (you'll see.)

Yankie is a rapper that has some collabs on his new album that are AWESOME.


To my understanding Anda's been around since 2012, and recently made a comeback with "Touch" that has been getting some attention for obvious reasons. While most are paying attention to the racy and a little lesbihonest video, I was actually in it for the song. It has an upbeat hip-hop vibe, and it reminds me of Rihanna's "Birthday Cake" in the chorus. It takes a simplistic approach, but the song doesn't sound like a demo nor does it work against the song. The music video I think is fun, and a funny take on the sexy concepts that do bi-curious baiting by actually having more than just two girls almost kiss, but sharing some actual skin ship somewhat.

If your not into slow slushy sounding groove R&B then "Mastering" wont be your taste, but as long as the song is well done I really love this type of music. I think I might prefer this to "Touch" and that hast to do with the awesome opening and I also really love how it picks up during the chorus. The music video is what almost any R&B artist has done before with sexiness. The dance studio parts remind me a lot of Nicole's "Lost" MV which reminded me of some R&B artist from my childhood. I think that type of room is just a staple of some sort.


Yankie recently made his first comeback since 2011 and it's all sorts of glory, he has become one of my favorite rappers of the moment and it's all thanks to Sohyunna over at AKF for recomending him in her May Honours List. This is the first of three MV's he released. "Sold Out" is excelent ode to the ATCQ type of rap with the jazz influence and inner-city beats. It also has Tablo (one of my other favorite rappers) and Zion.T (one of my favorite soloist) as well as Loco who I like. I'm hoping that he gets super popular because his music is good and I can't even get his new album on iTunes, if I find it physically then that will be awesome but I haven't found a place selling which means I've had to resort to Sound Cloud.

If you aren't into the jazz influenced hip-hop that "Sold Out" was giving, then "Spell My Name Right" should more of your taste, as this song goes a lot more harder. It's more of an experimental modern rap song with Yankie flowing pretty damn hard and an acid-induced MV that I'm pretty sure has some sort of hidden subliminal message, but don't let that scare you because the song is really good.

If your into more modern sounding hip-hop that is actually well done and doesn't rely on a shit tone of trap beats to go hard then this is right up your alley, and it's right up mine as well. "Prometheus" and "Sold Out" are my two favorites of this album. What I really love about "Prometheus" is the dark and gritty feel of the song. It's a large collaboration of a lot of rappers that are known real well, this goes to show you that Yankie has some connections and fans although the international fans seem to be weaker than expected because Yankie should really have quite a bit of international fans. All the rappers do their thing and the result is pretty damn dope in my opinion. I didn't even mind Dok.2's verse in this song which is saying something. As for the video, I have absolutely know fucking clue what is going on whatsoever, don't even try to get me to decipher it, because I already know it would be way off. I do love the style of the MV, it reminds me a lot of the stuff I see on Adult Swim (when I watch TV that is) so to see it in a MV form is really awesome.

So, those are two people who I have recently became fans of. More so Yankie, I've practically become a stan of his, however I recommend their music to anybody who's looking for some new artists to check out.

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