Monday, July 20, 2015

[MV Review] Stellar - Vibrato

FUN STORY: Since I'm 17 (almost 18) this was restricted to me, so I literally had to embed it (or watch a youtubers reaction) to see the actual mv without YT blocking me from it. Because you know, 17 is so much more immature than 18. So if you're under 18 and want to watch the mv, you're free to here) Anyway on with the review.

Vaginas rule.

I've been into Stellar since the catchy "Study", I thought "Marionette" was an okay song with an awkward video, I though "Mask" was an awesome song with a better video, and I thought "Fool" was a decent song with a great music video. So how does "Vibrato" hold up?

I love the feel of this song. It brings me back to the 80's/90's funk disco that Nine Muses did with "Glue". The verses aren't deprived of being interesting, and the chorus lives up to expectations. I wish it were a bit better in some places like I feel the chorus is missing a little extra something, but "Vibrato" isn't anything short of a very well done retro-sounding pop song.

The music video is actually pretty great. It's about vaginas but doesn't misinterpret them. It doesn't just represent vaginas as only pretty delicate flowers, it actually goes into the beauty as well as the gore and what a vagina can actually hold up against, and doesn't strain away from subjects like blood (representing period and birth) to the opening when a woman orgasms. The dance isn't overly awkward like "Marionette", and each member has is styled pretty well. Of course there is plenty of eye candy for the Stellar fanboys and fangirls to work a fap rhythm up to and now with extra vaginas.

Now all we need is for a nugu boy group to comeback with a sexy concepts full of phallic symbols and penis innuendos so we can have a male equivalent to "Vibrato." I nominate  HOTSHOT.

I give this comeback a 5/5, hyper-good feel of a song and great MV.

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