Monday, July 20, 2015

[MV Review] Sonamoo - Cushion

Sonamoo made a comeback. Some things are great and others need to be addressed with a fine tooth comb.

Okay, so first lets start off with the song: fantastic, I love it. This is actually one of the few girl group summer tracks that aren't lackluster/don't suck. It's high energy, fierce, and overall just sounds very fun. The elctro-hip-hop of the verses build up to a great chorus that is like a modern take on an 80's action movie sound track. My only complaint is that there should be more New Sun raps. New Sun gets like two or three lines, and D.Ana gets two rap breaks. I love D.Ana, but New Sun adds some variety to Sonamoo's raps with her watered-down-Jimin voice.

The music video is fine, it leans more to the basic side but it has elements that make it unique and stand out. It matches the concept of the song perfectly, bright colors, fast pace, and cool but non-cringe-worthy styling. I especially like the gold and black outfits. At first I wasn't digging New Sun's styling with her pink hair and creepy contacks. But after watching the MV some more I like the pink hair on her but I still don't like the contacts. Her styling in "Deja Vu" with the black bob and fresh faceness was the best especially when it started to grow out. Other than that, everyone else looks great, and High.D looks great with her new dark hair, D.Ana is working her purple hair, and Minjae manages to make blonde work for her.

Now onto the concept... I personally don't mind a concept as long as the song as good, and it's TS Entertainment who is known for having their groups change concepts almost to a bi-polar state. I don't have a problem with it, however what I do have a problem with, is other people hating it.

You see, fangirls (and fanboys to a lesser degree) always go on and on about how unoriginal girl groups are. They say they are either "cute" or "sexy" with very little variety in between. And I agree, seeing the same shit over and over again can be boring, however I never let the concept stop me from liking a song or a group. This is where I feel like I stand alone with international fans because if a concept is remotely cute they're quick to diss everything else the group or song has to offer. I don't care how cute or sexy a concept is, "Twinkle Twinkle" still fucking rules and "Female President" is awesome. You simply can't beat a good song, at least in my opinion. However I can understand someones frustration when every group in k-pop is practically recycling the same thing over and over again.

Which is why when something different does strike my attention, I praise it and support it all that I can. So when Sonamoo debuted with "Deja Vu" a great song and an interesting and different concept for girl groups in particular, I had to stan them. So I could tell the industry and TS Entertainment to keep putting out interesting stuff like this. Girl groups get enough flack for uninteresting choreography (unless you fap to them of course) so see Sonamoo do more than hump the floor and shake their ass or do some coy aegyo gestures was refreshing. Seeing girls in baggy hip-hop wear vs lingerie and bright colored outfits was cool to me. Again there is absolutely nothing wrong with those concepts above but lets face it, when groups like Crayon Pop and 2NE1 got popular it was for a reason outside of their good music as well.

Now of course there are hip-hop and tomboy groups outside of Sonamoo. Most people think 2NE1 (who aren't really hip-hop or tomboys), G.I. (who haven't put out anything since 2013), GLAM (disbanded), 4Minute (as close as you're going to get if with mainstream groups). You get my point. So to see TS, a more influential company, debut a girl group that wasn't fucking around, was admirable (taking away their B.A.P lawsuit of course.)

But what do fangirls do instead? Bash them, talk about how they'll never be Big Bang, say they're copying 2NE1 (that's just fucking laughable), make up some bullshit about SHINee owning the color green or whatever, say they stole from B.A.P (again, laughable) and dismiss them overall. They don't want different and unique, they want the same old recycled bull crap just so they have a reason to complain about something. Why do you think every recent article on NB about T-ara sounds like every other article on NB about T-ara? (To come to think of it, T-ara might just be k-pop's most concept driven group.)

So with that said, I totally love "Cushion", the concept matches their song and they still carry some of that sass and fierceness from their debut, however that is the only thing that's separating them from all other girl groups with this concept. 

Now I know it's summer and nobody really wants anything too dark but if I were their manager, I would have chosen "Ok" as the summer successor to their debut, it would be more upbeat but it wouldn't strain away too far from their original concept.

Overall while "Cushion" is pretty awesome, I'm hoping they'll return to their roots a bit more this winter or whenever their next comeback will be.

So with that I give this comeback a 4/5.


  1. i think you just stole my words, literally. It seems i wrote this article. I'VE BEEN SAYING THIS SINCE FOREVERRRRRRR OMG


    I was actually worried they'd pull off something cute, but i would have supported anyways cause these girls are literally so precious, and they must be protected at all costs, but i was freaking happy how they managed to maintain the same style even if with a different concept because perhaps they wanted to catch the public's attention? (and it's working btw, 9 out of 10 love this song), they wanted stupid fangirls to stop downvoting their videos, bashing them everywhere, boycotting them, creating hate page about them, offending them af, perhaps, and they wanted to still manage to release a song that fits summer. And let's face it, how many hip hop groups, like bts, bap have released also slower or more fresh and cute songs? No one ever told them "ew, no more hip hop". Istg people just hold onto anything to hate on these girls, and it's just sad and it disgusts me, and that makes me support them even more.
    I agree, OK would be an amazing title track and i'm actually hoping for a follow up with that song, but their album is amazing overall, already bought it and i'll do anything to show these girls my support.

    1. plus, i think releasing something too similar would have been boring to most of the people, and they're just showing what they have. Their live stage today was fire, and you can see how hard they worked ç_ç

    2. Yeah I don't have any sort of hatred against this concept at all it's just I feel they did it just to fit in with other girl groups (nothing wrong with other girl groups) and Sonamoo were marketed as something different which makes me a bit harsher on it, so my bad on that. It's basically a cuter (not cute but cuter) version to their other stuff, instead of pulling a 180, they just pulled a 160. I think the only reason people like this more is because they've calmed down a bit from the BAP fiasco (not completely because there is still a whole lot of people complaining in the comments section of the MV, but they aren't still holding that mega grudge against Sonamoo.) Either that, or "Cushion" is more radio friendly and concludes everything I wrote about the people not wanting anything unique just more to complain about.

      The thing that seperates this from BTS and BAP's is that BTS and BAP had a slew of other songs that were hip-hop songs (which were all similar but amazing and loved by the general public) before the slow stuff came out making it easier to accept, at least that's how I think people see it.

      Fingers crossed "OK" gets an MV. "Cushion" still kicks ass, but I feel "OK" can kick even more ass XD! Sonamoo always have great lives, the girls can work a stage.