Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[MV Review] Primary Feat. Choa (AOA) and Iron - Don't Be Shy

In the heat of all of these mostly less-than-stellar summer comebacks, Primary teams up with AOA's Choa and rapper Iron to make a much more impressive song, even if it is out of the blue and totally unexpected, but hey! I love surprises especially if they're good.

What I like most about "Don't Be Shy" is that it the most reggae of k-pop reggae songs. Most reggae songs in k-pop either have a heavy rap or pop influence making the reggae art the only part that stands out, and don't get me wrong I love those songs too. But "Don't Be Shy" takes on full throtel reggae with a minimalist but still earwormy beat, chill vibe, and overall easy-breezey feel of the song, making it quite glorious.

This shows that Choa has the vocal chops to carry a song, as many people think that AOA is untalented, but this song begs a differ as Choa sounds amazing here. The rap verses are good too as it really suits reggae.

The music video matches the dreamyness of the song, but only with the dark filter used. The rest of the MV is creepy (something that I love), and also shot with a 90's VHS filter which I also love. Primary or Iron don't make an appearance in the music video, it's just Choa and two of her gal pals practicing freaky paranormal shit that will keep your attention. I am loving Choa's cotton-candy blue hair, as I've only seen her with blond but she looks amazing here. 

I give this release a 5/5, by far one of the best songs that have been offered this summer.

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