Wednesday, July 22, 2015

[MV Review] Hello Venus - I'm Art

At first I was skeptical of Brave Brothers producing Hello Venus, since "Sticky Sticky" was nothing special, however that has now changed now that Hello Venus has put out two of my favorite songs this year with "Wiggle Wiggle" and now "I'm Art."

Brave Brothers last year was all about slow organ driven, synthesizer sexy songs which worked for AOA's "Miniskirt" and "Short Hair" however it didn't work for Hello Venus, and almost everyone else he worked with just seemed like recycle of "Miniskirt." Before this their debut song was still my favorite. However ever since "Like a Cat" Brave Bro's has been way more experimental, giving Hello Venus the 2004 hip-hop sounding jam of "Wiggle Wiggle", AOA's nostalgic 2011 sounding "Heart Attack" and now "I'm Ill" which leans more towards techno and heavy EDM.

This will probably get a lot of flack for seeming like T-ara's "Sugar Free". But if Stellar can get away with a run-away Nine Muses single for "Vibrato" then so can Hello Venus. "I'm Art" basically takes anything that wrong with Pocket Girls's "Bbang Bbang" (a legitimately good song, don't get me wrong!) and makes it great. The tight synths in the beginning build in the hype for the great and thumping and catchy chorus, and even the verses are extremely well done with them not being dull. I especially like Lime's part at 2:05, her voice sounds really cool. Honestly I just really love every part of this song, as it sounds like something similar to what modern-day Lee Jung Hyun would do if she would comeback already!  It's a banger that never lets up the energy it starts with. What's not to like aside from the hilariously cocky lyrics.

My only fear with this, is that it will get overlooked by a lot of people because it's not "summery" sounding. The seasonal summer song wasn't even a thing until SISTAR came out with "Loving You", I wouldn't mind so much if majority of summer songs lived up to their hype. This type of EDM is usually reserved for fall and winter, which is probably why T-ara's last few comebacks have been during that time, but all that's going the change with them coming back next week.

The music video, although there is only the performance version, is pretty good. I don't see how the drama version could get any better. The girls look awesome in their glitter skirts and multi-colored hair. Speaking of which, I hope this becomes a thing, I've always loved multi-colored streaks in people's hair. Lime is my bias and she's slaying all over everyone in this MV. Her Monster's Inc. hair and Yeoreum's (who's wrecking my bias list with this comeback) rainbow hair look incredible! I'm totally loving. She along with Nara and Yeoreum are wearing my favorite outfits here however I would steal all of the outfits the girls are wearing as they all look freaking fantastic. I'm glad the choreography is better than "Sticky Sticky"'s where they were just wiping their asses for three minutes. The choreo here is a lot more tighter and less awkward looking, nothing to brag about, definitely a step up. The spotlights used here also give off a "Sugar Free" vibe but it's a whole lot more tolerable.

I listened to the highlight medley and even the album sounds promising I'm considering buying it later on in the month.

Well I guess you can call me a huge fucking Hello Venus stan now. I was fan but now I can't really help but love them, I seriously love this song, and everything about this comeback so far.

I give this release a 5/5, awesome, awesome, awesome song, glamorous video.

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