Wednesday, July 15, 2015

[MV Review] Got7 - Just Right

Got7 are back out of the random ass blue!

In the mix of all girl group comebacks, I guess JYP saw an oppertunity to have Got7 add some males into the mix. 

Here's a twist, let's start with the actual MV instead of the song.

So the video begins with a girl rubbing what I first thought was a dildo on her face, but then I realized that this is k-pop and it's Got7 so...yeah. Turns out it a device that's used in Korea to make your face slimmer. Yeah that's totally going to work. Anyway the girl is early teens (think 13~15), and we know the drill, your self-esteem is shit and you're convinced you won't ever be pretty to anyone in the world.

Then the members of Got7 appear in mini-form and start singing and rapping to the girl. But not just in a line, no. They appear in this chicks dresser, on her clock, her toys, cereal, they all over this little bitty's room. But instead of freaking out at the fact that there are a bunch of extremely hot mini-dudes singing to her in her room, she listens and parties with them, and after hearing what they have to say, she's more confident in herself and is more happy.

Normally, I have problems or an attitude towards songs to this, but I'm having trouble finding something to hate with this. For one, it's believable. They actually chose a young girl who's at the age where stuff like worrying about your looks (just entering high school or awful middle school is enough to drive anyone male or female insane about their outer appearance) and if they used an older girl it probably would have peeved me off because although you are still insecure when you're 17-19, it's nothing compared to those young years. At least in my experience. So by having them seemingly nipping this in the bud right when the roots are developing. Great I love it. And since it's Got7 it's a whole lot more beluevable than say, Super Junior or EXO singing a song like this. I say this because, not that SuJu and EXO are shallow guys or whatever, but they have a huge image of being God worthy and superior. Got7 have a realistic boy image and act out mistakes or realistic situations in their MV's ("Stop Stop It" anyone?) So by having Got7 sing a song like this, it feels more authentic and less manipulative (even though we still are but the point is to appear as manipulative as possible with these type of concepts.)

The only problem I have is that, it kind of comes off that they're hitting on a young teenage girl, and all but one member of Got7 is under eighteen. This may or may not be incredibly perverted and if that was the case, Jesus Christ man. It probably wasn't and probably sailed over everyone elses heads. I would say I'm shocked but this is JYP we're talking about. But I'm probably over thinking everything as the obvious intention of this MV is to be fun and joyful, and it does it's job.

Onto the song, JYP just keeps striking gold with Got7. Most boy group comebacks this year have been to build up a lot of hype and strong dance songs which is good. But Got7 aim for a cross between a hip-hop bumper and glowy guitar driven pop. On paper that sounds like it's going to sound terrible but the transitions aren't jarring and stupid and each part goes together with a catchy chorus. Good, good, good. This is great for the summer and I see myself replaying this a lot.

The visuals in this MV are some of the best in Got7's already visually-great video catalog. Everyone here looks extremely good here. I find JB and Youngjae the most attractive in Got7, and they don't show any signs of having that title taken away from them. They look absolutely stellar in this MV. My bias Mark looks freaking fantastic as always, Yugyeom and BamBam are starting to come from their shells more and more, Jackson and JR do their thing and look great doing it. 

There are plenty of gif worthy moments in this music video, but I don't have photoshop so get ready for the typical horrible gifs made by yours truly. I couldn't gif them all so I giffed on of the most important things here:

GOT7 "딱 좋아(Just right)" M/V

Yes Jackson.

GOT7 "딱 좋아(Just right)" M/V

I went to a giffing website to make these because those moments were so giffable I couldn't resist.

The choreography is the simpilist they've done so far, but like SHINee it comes off as more refreshing than "Oh my gawd Got7 are becoming such lazy bastards!" It comes to match the overall message of "Stop worrying so much, you look fine." Let loose. Chill a little. Digging it.

GOT7 "딱 좋아(Just right)" M/V

How they managed to make a variation of the air-hump dance cute is beyond me.

GOT7 "딱 좋아(Just right)" M/V

I can't leave my boy hanging.

Okay, that about wraps up this review. I give this release a 5/5. Cute and great song go with a cute and great video and Mark is still da bestest.

BTW, if Twice will be anything like Got7, already consider me a stan.

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