Friday, July 24, 2015

[MV Review] GFriend - Me Gustas Tu

While I thought "Glass Bead" was nothing special, I still wished GFriend luck on their next release. Well, "Me Gustas Tu" (Spanish for "I Like You.) came out so did wishing them luck work?

The answer is yes. "Me Gustas Tu" is, in my opinion, a much better throw back to early k-pop (Think early SNSD), seeing as it has a much better production. I was hoping the rock theme from the intro would stick throughout the song, but it was then replaced by 90's sounding sugar pop only to pop in every now and then, which is fine since I enjoy when k-pop does the 90's sound most of the time. I like the bouncy beat during the verses the most, the chorus is good but not the best part in my opinion, it feels kind of generic (not sure if that's the right word for it.)

The music video is pretty much run-of-the-mill stuff you typically expect from cuter concepts, nothing wrong with that but nothing to write home about other than the MV is pretty and it's interesting to see some summer K-Pop MV's take on what a school kid would do in Korea.

I give this release a 3/5. A big step up from "Glass Bead", will continue to wish them luck for next release to be even better.

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