Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Luna Transforms into BoA and the Results are a Train-Wreck


Yes, that is this Luna.

I don't care about idols getting plastic surgery. It's a well known fact that majority of idols have had plastic surgery (your faves not excluded obviously.) Yes its true I typically prefer/like idols without/pre plastic surgery but it's their decision to do with their bodies what they will and rather or not I approve doesn't matter and that's okay.

But when it's bad, and I mean Bom bad, then it's time for an intervention.

Luna used to look like this:

What in the actual fuck made her have some sort of insecurity over herself? Now, we all know that BoA is very beautiful and wonderful in every way, but Luna looked awesome and was beautiful as well!

Story time!

I have a friend who only stans boy groups and doesn't really care for girl groups at all, only listens to the songs she likes. She only really cared for telling apart KARA, 2NE1, and F(x) and Luna was her favorite member. She said that she stands out because most girls in girl groups are just faceless prettiness, but Luna is pretty in a way that stands out. And I whole heartily agree. Luna's face did stand out among the pixie princess faces that are prominent in k-pop girl groups (not that there is anything wrong with being pixie princess pretty but when everyone is going for that look it gets dull real fast.) But when I showed her this, her smile fell and she said she's now just another faceless idol. When my friend who honestly couldn't give a fuck about girl groups takes the time out to acknowledge your beauty, you have something going for you. And her popularity was growing with "Red Light" and "Mystery Singer", so Luna getting plastic surgery was the last thing I thought what was going to happen, and Krystal and Luna both took the lie detector test in the beginning of the year stating that no one in f(x) ever received surgery but now that's busted.

You know, someone at work complimented my eyes today and I was in shock in a good way because I have a love hate relationship with my eyes because they're asymmetrical. I'd never been told my eyes were pretty by a peer before (mostly bullying for their "Asianess" ) so that actually meant something to me. I feel that no one is telling these idols that they're beautiful or that they pay attention too much to what netizens say or something!

Because anytime some thinks this:


Is better than this:

Is sadly mistaken.

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