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Debunking This Misconception From Netizens Once and For All: Celebrities Have The Best Lives Ever

I've seen these types of articles on NB where a celebrity says something they don't like about their job, and netizens as usual knowing nothing about anything say stuff like "You're a celebrity! You have it easy, you have no right to complain! My parents work so much harder!" But I have never gotten down to actually posting it and debunking that stupid logic, however in the spirit of SNSD making a triple comeback, I will tackle that logic using the comments from Yuri's latest fiasco because they all pretty much bring up every flaw in the myth to begin with, and don't worry I will sprinkle pretty pictures of Yuri in between each one so you can have something good to look at after reading through so much ugly.

Before I debunk the myth about celebrities having it easy, I would like to debunk some myths about myself so that you guys can see I have some ethos. While most NB comments are possitive, others are claiming the ones defending celebrities are just teenagers who have never had to work for anything in their lives and just live off of mommy and daddy's money. I'm going to start off with I'm seventeen, soon to be eighteen, and I DO know what it's like to work. I got my first job at fourteen the summer before I started high school working under a college creative writing program (that I wouldn't have been able to get into if I was a terrible writer keep in mind, this is stuff completely different from blogging.), and I went back the summer before my sophomore year, and now the summer before I become a senior in the fall. I worked all summer from when I got out in June until mid-August (and my Freshman and Sophomore year started in mid/late August.) I sacrificed two and now three summers that I could have spent doing other teenager stuff but I opted to go downtown every day and I don't regret a single thing. Now those of you saying "Suho_ftw, that's nothing other countries don't get summers of ect.." that's very true, but having summers off means a lot in America (and other countries) so it was considered a sacrifice and trust me, I felt it too. Now those of you may be thinking this will have nothing else to do with the article outside of me trying to not make me look like some whiny brat but trust me it will come up later on in the article.

Onto the article! Now Yuri basically said she doesn't like the sound of camera shutters since becoming a celebrity because it makes her nervous. That's it but here is what everyone else was saying:

1. [+740, -100] Then quit being a celebrity. For that price, you live a lavish life making hundreds of thousands and being gifted luxurious things. There are pains that come with every job. If you don't like it, don't sit there talking about it and just quit.

Yuri didn't say she didn't want to be a celebrity anymore, she just stated something she didn't like about it. She wasn't bitching and moaning about it saying how bad she wanted to quit, she was just stating a dislike of her profession. No matter how much or little money you're making, you're still going to have shit you don't like about your career/job.

2. [+686, -60] Hey... you really are in no position to be saying that. You do realize that the money you bought your parents a home and car with was with the money you earned from little kids allowance money who pay for your singing and dancing? Don't you think it's a bit ironic to be calling yourself neurotic over that now? If it weren't for those camera noises, how much do you think you'd be making with another job in society right now? It seems like now that you're older, you're trying to drop out into acting... but you should realize that you're absolutely nothing in life without those camera noises. You have no license for any other type of job or any other skill sets to make money off of. Talk about a load of bull.

There is a lot wrong with this comment. First, she says Yuri is not in the position to be saying that. Last time I checked she's the celebrity here, not you, so going by your logic you shouldn't even be commenting in the first place since you wouldn't know. Secondly, saying that all her money comes from kids allowance money is both irrelevant and a bit nonfactual. It's irrelevant because if all of her money was coming from kids allowance money, it's not Yuri's responsibility for your kids shitty spending habits, it's you as a parents job to make sure your kid knows the value of money is not solely relied on by SNSD, and if they be brats about it, then minimize/take away their allowance. It is a bit non-factual because I actually'd Kpopalypse on this (I wish I could screen-cap it but for now I will just link you to the asnwer) and he brought up a good point and I quote: "It's bullshit anyway, SNSD have a pretty large uncle fan contingent who spend cash, teenagers on the other hand have low disposable incomes and tend to pirate/borrow things." Which is true, everyone always brings up SNSD's uncle fans until stuff like this comes up because it's more convienent to avoid a truth for the sake of strengthening your argument if you ask any netizen ever. Case and point T-ara's scandal.

Source: suelrene via tumblr

3. [+635, -39] And then she'll talk about being depressed if she never hears camera shutters or people don't take an interest in her

Taking an interest and having your shit being smeared all over the internet is a whole different thing. But again, I will go into more depth later.

4. [+67, -6] She really doesn't know how good she has it...

And so she has no right to say she doesn't like something minor about her career/job. Yeah makes total sense.

5. [+62, -8] Why does SNSD never realize how good they have it, Sunny too. You guy make millions of dollars, money that commoners couldn't even imagine making while working their asses off. Just quit being a celebrity if you hate the sound of camera shutters.

You know what astounds me? The fact that international fans know more about the horrors of k-pop celebrities yet no Koreans seem to know absolutely anything about it. 

6. [+56, -4] Wouldn't Yuri be a nobody if she didn't debut with the SNSD title? She can't sing or act, has no variety skills... I mean, they're human so of course they'll get tired but they only go through 3-4 years of training to be earning money that commoners will never make in a life time. Shouldn't they know the costs that come with that kind of money? I really hate seeing famous celebrities whine like this. I wouldn't even mind if it was a non-famous star.

Of course she knows the cost that come with that kind of money by now. And she's not even whining but then again nobody on NB uses fact. Stay tuned and I'll tell you why Yuri still puts up with something she dislikes.

7. [+44, -5] Just makes Yoo Jae Suk more amazing by comparison. He's of a different mindset.

Then go comment about how amazing Yoo Jae Suk is under a Yoo Jae Sook article. *Shrug*

9. [+34, -5] Seriously can't stand it when celebrities always make themselves out like the victims..

Stop reading into shit just to make it fit your argument. This isn't an MV review.

I'm not going to pull a whole celebrity pity party (those fuckers on NB know who I am talking about, and if an article pops up again like that I will debunk that knowledge without even having to type a word.) Because there is pros to being a celebrity and being in the public eye but there are also cons that nobody likes and most celebrities know of this however when ever they discuss stuff that they don't like, it's always backlashes as whining and crying which is not the case.

Take my job for instance, I have a distance to travel and I work on the fifth floor and we're not allowed to take the elevator, we have to take the stairs all the way up to the fifth floor. Nobody likes it, everybody hates it, however the reason we put up with taking the stairs is because we know once we get to the fifth floor, there is a great opportunity waiting for us, so we put up with the stairs for the greater good. Bitch you think I'm going to quit this job over some fucking stairs? Hell no, and Yuri is not going to quit SNSD for some camera shutters, and if she did quit SNSD, you'd be calling her a traitor just like they did Jessica so netz and just shut the fuck up about that. Yuri disliking the camera shutters is like me disliking having to go up like ten flights of stairs twice a day, she may not like it but she's willing to sacrifice her disliking of them because she's looking at the big picture. Just because celebrities make tons of money (and even then that's a questionable statement) doesn't mean they don't have to put up with shit they don't like. And yes there is a difference from non-celebrities working hard, lets not ignore that. But they chose to work those jobs and put up with their dislikes just like Yuri and other celebrities. If they wanted to live like a celebrity, then they should have chose to become one, however most people who choose to be doctors, lawyers, and other passions are content with where they are, and don't care about a celebrity expressing a dislike for their career because they have stuff about their careers they don't like as well, and know as adults, that everyone has a struggle that they have to be willing to put up with if they want to live the life they want to and everybody has a right to say what they don't like about it, there is a positive to every negative.

Since you've read all of that, here's on last picture of Yuri (consider this a cookie.)

Bonus gif cuz I feel like it:

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And I'm also Pro Strawberry Blond Mermaid Taeyeon:

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