Sunday, July 12, 2015

Album Track Sunday #3: Girl's Day - "Macaron"

I ran this series a while back when my computer wasn't a jackass. There are two others, one for BoA and one for B2ST. This is basically where I review a really good song that was not the title track on an album (but could/should have). And seeing as I took a giant shit on Girl's Day's latest hot-mess of a title-track, "Ring My Bell" it only seems fit that I praise this masterpiece.

"Macaron" is fucking awesome in every way. The pop and hip-hop meets jazz swing fusion is truly amazing. The vocals are great without being overbearing and the overall package is eargasmic. Seriously, what the actual fuck was Loen thinking when they chose "Ring My Bell" as the title track? They should have kicked that as a filler track (or just forgot it existed at all) and made "Macaron" the title track instead. I sometimes wonder who chooses the title tracks for k-pop because sometimes they chose stinkers like "Joker" over much better songs like "Obsessed". I found this through Kpopalypse's Haiku Reviews so credit where credit is due. Thanks to the anon who suggested it and thanks to Kpopalypse for reviewing it.

At first I was suspicious of Girl's Day's newest album, "Expectation" and the "Female President" repackage was decent but it was obvious that they chose the best songs for the title track and picked the filler songs rightfully. What if "Ring My Bell" was the best song on this album?! Yikes! But "Macaron" gives me hope. Yes a song named after a pastry. There might just be some other gems to discover around the recycled singles, so hope for this album has been restored. 

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