Friday, July 24, 2015

[Album Review] Got7 - Just Right

Got7 are one of those groups who have yet to put out a bad album. I enjoyed their debut mini "Got It?", and loved their follow up mini with "Got Love" and their full length album was pretty decent as well, and "Just Right" falls in line as another solid release.

Let's get started.

Just Right - Already covered. TL;DR: love the song's combination of a scratchy hip-hop beat and upbeat summer pop. Cute video.

Before the Full Moon Rises - I am loving the dreamy synths layered with their subtle vocals. I wish they hadn't auto-tuned Mark's voice as it sounds weird but his rap is on point. Every part of the song falls into place perfectly and it's great without being too flashy (and flashy is great but again.) Great song.

My Whole Body is Reacting/Reaction - This falls into place with "Before the Full Moon Rises" with the dreamy atmosphere and subtle vocals, and while this is good and a song I wouldn't skip, it's not as good as BTFMR. But the parts that make up the song are all good, it's just the final product could have been a bit better and made it from good to great, but in the end, "Reaction" is just good.

Nice - I really, really love this. It has nice punchy and crunching synths and hard dance beat which is a nice break and wake up from the slower songs. I actually like Mark and BamBam's rapping but that might have to do with how the instrumental is. This has one of the most hilarious chorus just repeating "She's Nice!" in an aggressive manner like someones asking a dude "WHY DO YOU GO OUT WITH THAT UGLY BITCH!?!?" and he replies "SHE'S NICE!" but I don't think that's what the song is about.

...Moving on...

Mine - This is another hard dance song like "Nice" but it's more hip-hop yoloswag than pop in the verses and the chorus goes a lot harder. From what I get, it's about a guy being really happy that he finally got a girlfriend but dudes keep on looking at and hitting on her and when they see him with her they start hating and shit like she could do better that causes him to get really jealous and pissed off at the dudes. Kind of a scary and complex song when you think about it given it's upbeat nature, but the verses are darker and the lyrics to Mark's rap are very telling:

Everyone's looking at you ,
Stealing glances
They see me next to you and look disappointed 
Because of your fatal charms
I get tired because I'm so jealous

Like, wtf bruh? Hot7 jealous? 

Back To Me - This is one of those disco-funk songs that K-Pop has had such a huge boner for lately. I think this is a good note to end the album on since it's fun and upbeat vs a melancholy ballad. With that said I really enjoy "Back To Me", it's just a lot of fun ear-worm and easy to dance to.

Got7 have a mid-2000's Hip-Hop & R&B & Pop concept (think Chris Brown pre-Rihanna scandal) and it's been very well done as their producers know how to capture the essence of what made that era of music good, and apply to K-Pop with great results, and "Just Right" follows suit just with that.

Stand Out Tracks - My go-to songs

Just Right
Before the Full Moon Rises

Solid Tracks - Above-average filler songs

Back To Me (might grow on me more now that I think about it.)

Dull/Dudd Tracks - Songs I don't mind but would still skip


Pass Tracks - My ears thank me for not listening to these songs


Next album review will more than likely be Sonamoo's "Cushion."

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