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[Album Review] Girl's Day - Love Second Album

While "Ring My Bell" was a hot mess, a song like "Macaron" made me check out this album and I was pleasantly surprised. Filtering through the past hits and past mini album B-sides and a CF promotional single (same format with the Expectation/Female President albums), "Love" puts on an entertaining show, making it GsD's best album so far and one of my personal favorite albums of 2015.

1. With Me - This is a sad love song of a girl wanting her lover to stay with her, however it stays away from being overly sappy shit with the song being uptempo having a violin-tango vibe to carry the song. The violins dominate the great chorus and it feels very Dream Girlsy which is a good thing. Yura's rap and the bridge has that cool-sounding accordion that gives it flare. Overall, "With Me" may not be the happiest note to start off the album, but it is far from the dullest. 

2. Ring My Bell - Already covered. TL;DR: hot ass mess. Why does this exist again? Harmonica is good everything else is just bad.

3. Macaron - Also already covered. TL;DR: fucking awesome throwback to Gatsby-esc 20's jazz age meets pop and hip-hop. Why wasn't this the title track? Fuck Dream T get your shit together.

4. Come Slowly - This seems like a follow up from "I Don't Mind" from their first album. I like "I Don't Mind" more but "Come Slowly" isn't bad or anything I like it, it's a nice slush r&b+pop ballad but it just doesn't pick up enough to become more interesting and more good.

5. Top Girl - In a perfect world where "Ring My Bell" wouldn't get a second glance at being a title track, the battle would have been between "Macaron" and "Top Girl." If "Macaron" wouldn't have been chosen as the title track, then "Top Girl" would have. It's a great electro-pop song with an awesome chorus and verses that keep the flow going pretty well. I feel like back when Girl's Day were in their "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Don't Forget Me" days, they would have used "Top Girl" as the song before "Expectation" to give extra prep for their sexier image. But in the end, I'm just glad "Top Girl" exist.

6. Darling - I feel like Girl's Day should just give up their current sound and go straight forward with the swing and modern-jazz sound they go in and out of. Fuck, they could hire IU and the producers behind her amazing "Modern Times" album to produce Girl's Day, they would become truly unstoppable, seriously Dream T make this shit happen. "Darling" is a bubbly upbeat swing and jazz meets modern pop song that is again, very good and super catchy.*Crosses fingers and prays for more Girl's Day modern jazz-pop-hip-hop concept*

7. Whistle - This is a b-side from their "Something" mini and it's super awesome. Listen to it with head-phones if you're not convinced. It has a stringy upbeat guitar with whistling *gasp* that picks up and becomes a beautiful crafted chorus that also has a Dream Girls-y feel to it. Everything after the song falls perfectly into place making this one of the main highlights over this album.

8. Look At Me - This is a "Darling" b-side and this another ballad but I enjoy more than I enjoyed "Come Slowly." I find this has more "umph" as it has a more upbeat chorus and overall more enjoyable. Taking lyrics into account it's about as basic as one can get but I can't get enough of Minah's English, I really love it here. This is just a really lovely song and even more lovely ballad.

9. Something - I reviewed "Something" when it first came out in January 2014, but I'll spare you and just say this: it's pure gold. It shits gold. One of my favorite Girl's Day songs to date. I love the glamorous 90's R&B feel to this song with the subdued verses and how the chorus picks up. The falsetto was also a nice touch.

10. Timing - This is another "Darling" b-side it's really perfect for summer as it has a light-weight production and overall fun lyrics and fun production. It's cutesy but not aegyo-y if you know what I mean (not that I hate aegyo concepts, I love APink and Lovelyz which is about as aegyo as one can get) but it comes off as more just pure fast-paced fun. This the kind of song you listen to when it's warm out with the windows rolled down and enjoying the sun. Not my favorite but far from terrible

11. I Miss You - This was the ballad single they released last year, and while this does follow the basic ballad method of slow-to-mid-tempo-ness, I find the song soothing to listen to and each part doesn't overstay their welcome, as they bleed into each other always shifting fluidly making this a very pretty song and a ballad I can see myself playing a lot.

12. Show You - The final of b-sides, this is again from "Something." The verses are pretty dull as it's more digestible slush that's fine but the chorus here is really good, as it's very catchy and overly infectious.

13. Hello Bubble - Fuck this album is long. But I like it. Anyway, up until "Ring My Bell", I considered "Hello Bubble" Girl's Day's oddest song. However, unlike RMB "Hello Bubble" actually makes sense and isn't all over the place. It's definitely weird, like something f(x) would do pre "Electric Shock". It's intriguing and makes you want to keep listening. It's hard to hate this song as the chorus is too fucking catchy for it's own good, I had this stuck in my head for a good week. Holy shit dude. There are a few things I would like to change (some whiny synths taken out would have made this song perfect) but looking at the whole package, "Hello Bubble" good enough for meet to keep hitting replay. 

14. Ring My Bell [Inst.] - Why does this sound better than the original version? When you take the vocals out of that train-wreck it actually becomes salvageable. How? I don't know but I actually want to listen to the instrumental willingly. Good job I guess.

Overall thoughts are that this is definitely a worthy album of your time, if you haven't listened to any GsD b-sides from the past year then it's even more of a treat because you won't know what half the album sounds like.

Stand Out Tracks - My go to songs

With Me
Top Girl
Look At Me
I Miss You
Hello Bubble

Solid Tracks - Above-average filler songs

Show You
Ring My Bell Instrumental

Dull/Dudd Tracks - Songs I don't mind but would skip

Come Slowly

Pass Tracks - My ears thank me for not listening to these songs

Ring My Bell

Next album review will either be Sonamoo's "Cushion" or Got7's "Just Right" but both will be reviewed.

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