Monday, June 1, 2015

[Visual] A Pink's Chorong Ruining My Bias List

My original A Pink biases have always been Hayoung and Namjoo, but recently I've been taking a liking to Chorong.

I was searching up anything recent like interviews, variety show appearances, concerts ect... And what I got was...amazing.

The above video is from A Pink's "Pink Paradise" concert that was in March. I must warn you, do NOT look at the video with full volume because the bass will destroy your speakers/and or ear drums. I have found one with decent audio quality but the camera's all shaky so you don't get the full glory.

I couldn't embed any of the other fancams, I had to "share" this to blogger and then go in and make the video bigger in order for it to get embedded. So here is fancam 1 that has another good angle with crappy audio and fancam 2 that has decent audio but crappy camera work.

It is times like this that I wish my laptop would be returned to me so I could gif the good moments but I can't so enjoy the Chrong spam.

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