Monday, June 22, 2015

[Visual] BTS's Fetish Teaser Pics for "Sick"/"Dope/"Fucking Awesome"

I originally had a meme, but it wouldn't generate so just enjoy this audio.

BTS is having a comeback with "Sick" (or "Dope" or "Fucking Awesome" for direct translation.) I was already excited when they chose "Sick" since it's one of my favorite songs from the album (I would have preferred "Hold Me Tight" but "Sick" wasn't a bad choice either.) For those of you who haven't heard it, just imagine EXID's "Up and Down" sung by dudes on crack. However these teaser pics were enough to send my expectations through the fucking roof.


We start off with an obvious ode to nipple play.

I'm not sure what Namjoon is supposed to be. An elevator carrier man or a pilot? Either way he's UNF as always.


Not sure how I feel about blonde Yoongi, but soldier porn is always welcomed among BTS.

I don't know who rides a motorcycle in those clothes, but who gives a fuck when J-Hope has his tongue stuck out like this.

Jin is Next in Line for the Elevator in BTS's 'Sick' Teasers | Koogle TV

I have a phobia of doctors, hence why I rarely go. Maybe if my doctor looked this I would go more often.

I also have a phobia of cops (it comes with being Black.) However again, maybe if the cops in Chicago looked like this... ah fuck it, I'd still have an ill feeling every time I saw blue lights. He does look hot here though (digging that purple hair.) Side note, who's idea was it to make Jungkook a cop? Way too many pedo-noona's are having "daddy" thoughts about him already.

Just kill me...
...This is how every detective porno starts: searching for the puss.

The student/reporter would have made more sense for Jungkook, but that doesn't take away the fact that Jimin makes a fucking hot ass nerd. Those Harry Potter glasses, that red hair, that tie, it's all just unf, unf, unf. I've always like nerdy boys so I fully welcome this.

(Notice how the elevator doesn't have a separate floor lmao)/

All of this is awesome but I'm interested in seeing how the concept ties into the song, which is about turning up, but there is some references to just getting off from work so maybe it will be more than just an orgy in an elevator. Regardless, I already like the song and the music video looks promising already from the teaser pics so I will sit back and patiently wait for this already pretty damn promising comeback.

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