Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ultimate Boy Group Comeback Smackdown: Big Bang Vs. EXO Edition

Two very big boy groups in k-pop made two big comebacks. Which survives?

Let's find out.

Big Bang - "Bang Bang Bang"

EXO - "Love Me Right"

Who Has the Better Song: While "Bang Bang" is better than "Loser" and "Bae Bae" it still lacks greatly in something that made Big Bang's amazing in the past. The verses are good, the chorus is alright, GD's rapping is better but he's not putting it down like he used to. The ending chorus is obnoxious. So Big Bang gets a 3/5 for the song.

EXO exchanged their usual male-Cheetah Girls sound for a more funky disco song that I enjoyed even more than Call Me Baby. The rapping actually fits the song, the chorus is catchy and the little 70's guitar licks are life. I wish there was a bit more synth but it's made up for, with the vocals here. The vocals are very soft and sensual here, not the typical booming with power, but it fits the song perfectly. I feel like a song like this is needed, because the trend in 2015 so far is just loud noise which is fine by me but this is a nice slow down. EXO gets a 4.5/5 for their song.

EXO - 1
Big Bang - 0

Who Has the Better Concept: I don't know what the hell is Big Bang's concept is and it kind of creeps me out. I'm not sure what EXO's concept is outside of Red Light District Football Player Male Prostitutes, however it's more easy on the eyes than Big Bang's.

EXO - 2
Big Bang - 0

Who Has the Better Music Video: Again Big Bang's music video is just weird and creepy, and I'm all for weird and creepy but I can't get into this at all. EXO's MV is pretty fun with all of the boys doing weird things however it's pretty and visually interesting which is more than what I can say for other SM videos.

EXO - 3
Big Bang - 0

Which Comeback is More Fappable: MV aside, GD looks hot as hell with that red hair, and there is barely any Suho in the EXO MV. Despite all of the members looking good (SM don't ever dye Sehun's hair any color that is not black or a dark brown every again as well as never give him a middle part again either.) With SeXiumin getting more screen-time, I still frown upon the lack of Suho greatly.

EXO - 3
Big Bang - 1

Which Comeback Was I More Hyped For: I honestly forgot both BB and EXO were coming back until I logged onto YouTube yesterday. I was neutral before hand for both, however I had more hope that Big Bang's new song would be better than their last two and I was right, so I'll give them one point for that.

EXO - 3
Big Bang - 2

As you can see, this was kind of close but the victory goes to EXO in the end. Don't get all cocky either EXO-L's because while I think "Love Me Right" is pretty damn good, it's not "Between the Night and Music" which is still my favorite funky-disco song put out by a boy group this year. Don't lose hope VIP's, Big Bang still has three more comebacks to come, somethings bound to great.


  1. Before these comebacks I wouldn't have expected that I'd like EXO's comeback over BigBang's either.

    1. At this point I have my fingers crossed 24/7 that Big Bang will release something I like this year.

    2. We can only hope that they're saving the best songs until last.