Monday, June 1, 2015


We don't have an FAQ because we're nugus and we don't get asked shit, but we occasionally get assholes on this site, so whenever we encounter them we will send them to these messages arranging from politically correct to Eminem PSA style status. The first one is for those who are new and may find us a bit odd and it gradually gets more rude. For those of you who get what this blog is trying to do, then you don't have to read these and they can just be for mutual entertainment. For some new readers/trolls that have a hard time understanding us, well then read on. 

If anyone reading this has listened to any early Eminem albums then you should get this just fine.

1. Politically Correct and "Friendly" PSA to Any New Readers Who May Be Confused

Hello! This is a Public Service Announcement brought to you by the GOK admin, Suho_ftw! The views on this blog are totally and completely fucked and perverted, and the views of one author do not necessarily reflect the views of another. The posts on this blog are for mere entertainment and should be taken with a grain of salt, however any serious issues discussed on this blog is not to be taken lightly. Morally conservatives should not partake in the reading of this blog with any sharp objects near by, or anything else that can cause harm. The authors of GOK are not responsible for your actions, upon choosing to read this blog you have agreed to not get so butthurt over someone who has a different opinion than yours. Hope you find the experience of this blog a bit more pleasurable after this! Have a great day~

2. BHFA;SDGI (Been Here For Awhile; Still Don't Get It)

Hey, this is another Public Service Announcement brought to you by the GOK admin, Suho_Ftw. The authors here at GOK do not give a fuck about what you think. If you don't like it, then you can suck our cunts. Little did you know, upon reading these posts and increasing our web-traffic, you have just kissed our asses. Please don't pull that shit again. If you're really bothered by it, then start up your own blog so then you can have other fucktards and trolls bash you for your views and then you'll understand how we and other bloggers (who are WAY bigger than GOK mind you) feel. Have a nice day.

3. Why in the Flying Fuck Are You Still Here?

Oh looky, you're back! Well get ready for another Public Service Announcement again by the GOK admin, Suho_Ftw. Okay dude you're obviously masochistic or some shit because you are so butthurt at this point you obviously enjoy pain. If you're offended by fuck, shit, bitch, cunt, dick, cum or any other "inappropriate" language, then please backspace the fuck off of this blog right now. It's not that we can't speak proper, we just like saying certain shit to fuck with you because it's funny. If someone disagreeing with you on the slightest thing offends you to the maximum, then get the fuck off of this blog. If you don't like people being honest about rather or not your fave releases a shitty song and get overly protective and delusional over it, then get the fuck off of this blog. If you think your opinion is overall superior to everyone else because you love stroking your ego as much as you love stroking your disgusting cock/pussy then get the fuck off of this blog because this is not the place for you. Fuck you, and have a nice day.

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