Thursday, June 11, 2015

[MV Review] KARA - Cupid

KARA witch up their usual sound for their brand new comeback and the results are half-and half.

Let's get something straight, when I say "half-and-half" I don't mean half good, half bad. I mean half good and half meh.

What made KARA so great in the past, was their super high energy songs that would wisp you in and wouldn't let you quit until the whole song was over. And while "Mamma Mia" was their first furray with a new producer (Double Sidekick), it still kept their original sound and still kept that KARA energy that we knew and loved.

"Cupid" is produced by, I'm not too familiar with their work but "Cupid" is not a failure, it's just lacking. "Cupid" sounds more like a demo for a song, and if they would have taken it how it is here, and added in some more bounce, synths, guitar, and crack cocaine, then "Cupid" could have been another smash like "Mamma Mia" was.

What I like about the song, is the verses and dance rhythm of the song. Overall "Cupid" didn't impress me, but the melody does stay in my head for a day or two. It's catchy and cute. What this really needed, was a much, much, much better chorus. The chorus here isn't all that great (and KARA usually have some of the best chorus's ever.) This is where the song really lacks for me. I would have opted for no rap either, "Mamma Mia" was amazing and they never needed one, "Cupid" could have been amazing too with just Youngji singing a good bridge.

The music video is pretty, but also kind of lacks in some places. I like the over-sized concept (the bed of flowers was beautiful!), but there's nothing done with it, and no real climax outside of the dude taking a rose to the heart. The girls are styled very prettily here, however I'm kind of iffy about those contacts on Seungyeon at some points. But overall she remains flawless.

Overall, "Cupid" is catchy and easy to like, but it lacks that KARA energy. While writing this is has grown on me, but it still needs a lot more shaking up to be on the same level as the awesome "Mamma Mia", so this release receives a 3.5/5. I might review the album.

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