Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[MV Review] BTS - For You

I'm convinced Big Hit is content on making BTS pre-2012 tragedy T-ara in terms of promotions because they just ended their promos for "I Need U" like a week and a half ago, and now they're promoting their latest Japanese single. Normally with rushed comebacks, songs tend to fall off a bit for the group, but just like T-ara, BTS's quality hasn't dropped.

"For You" touches more on their "Just One Day" territory, and while "For You" isn't as good as "Just One Day", it's still pretty decent. It's a very pretty, lighthearted and mid-tempo release from them that flows well and is easy on the ears. The vocals do their part, and the rappers do their usual serviceable raps, the song is another solid artifact in their already solid discography without sounding worn-out and recycled.

What I like about "For You" is that it isn't another remake of their Korean songs. I fucking hate it when they remake their Korean songs into Japanese (love the videos but the actual songs are just a big no no.) The reason being is that, songs like "No More Dream", "Boy in Luv", and "Danger" were all written in Korean and made to be in Korean so it flows the best in Korean. "No More Dream" sounds awful and choppy in Japanese. "Boy In Luv" and "Danger" sound better, but still just plain weird. "For You" isn't a remake, but a song that was actually written in Japanese and catered towards making the song flow in Japanese, therefore it sounds a whole lot better like with "Wake Up"(one of my favorite songs from them by far.)

The music video is actually really refreshing seeing as BTS has never had a video like this before. They're usually dark cinematography or just general cartoonishness (don't know if that's a word, I just made it up) was exchanged for a more lade back and airy feel which is a welcomed change since the music video for "I Need U" was depressing as hell (but still great.) All of the members look good, Jungkook's smile is life, and we get some Jimin thigh action @4:35 so I have nothing to complain about. But Suga and Namjoon will when they see the chicks shoes.

I give this release a 4/5. Good song and very nice music video.

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