Wednesday, June 24, 2015

[MV Review] AOA (Ace of Angels) - Heart Attack

AOA makes their anticipated comeback that shifts from their usual Brave Sounding-ness to something more summer friendly.

I really like this song as it combines both a pumping bass and a fast paced melody that actually will get your blood pumping. People have been saying that the song sounds too busy or too messy, but they probably haven't listened to the audio-only version yet. All the swooshes and swishes are added to the MV version (as well as louder cheering) for some reason, but in the audio-only version, it sounds much more structured and easier on the ears.

My only complaint about the song is that there is not enough of Jimin's HEY!'s, and also the instrumental sounds a bit too loud over the girls vocals, it sounds like AOA is fighting against the instrumental of the song (think a lot of SECRET songs) but it's a minor complaint that can easily be looked over since it's actually common for k-pop.

The music video is AOA meets lacrosse, so it's exactly what you'd expect from them. A sexy summer video with lots of focus on Choa, Jimin, and Seolhyun. What I'm digging about AOA is the fact that although their concept is sexy, instead of just dancing in lingerie inside of a dimly lit box, they're actually incorporating story-lines in their videos. However I have a complaint and it's a big one: those fucking uniforms. Oh... not the AOA uniforms, those are cute (I love the ones from the begging to the white ones to the yellow and blue ones. All are on point.) I know those are ridiculous uniforms to play lacrosse in but the point of this concept isn't sport accuracy, but sexiness. So why do AOA get the cute uniforms that show off their goods and the guys get those basic lacrosse uniforms that show off nothing? Shit they even give them helmets! No wonder they creamed the girls in the music video, AOA should have filed a law suit for not getting them proper uniforms OR given the dudes sexier ones. This is FNC shitting in my face telling me "YOU ARE NOT THE TARGET AUDIENCE OF THIS MUSIC VIDEO. FUCK OFF." And if I was an average fangirl I would... If Choa's boy toy wasn't hot and the song was good. They got the male fanservice down perfectly for "Like a Cat" but failed miserably here. And don't give me crap about boy groups having bad female fanservice in MV's because that got extremely better since GD and TOP's MVs.

And so I give this release a 4/5. Good song, wasted potential on the music video.

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