Sunday, May 10, 2015

YG Stans Mad That BTS is Killing On Music Charts

                     All black everything.

Lord, Jimin is hot as hell.

BTS has been "slaying" the music charts, and YG Stans are mad not only that BTS has a way better song a video than Big Bangs' two songs combined, but that there are enough sane k-pop fans left to acknowledge it. They're still claiming sajaegi and demanding that BTS show their receipts. Shit, Rap Monster should just troll all these netz by doing a remix of Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" and make it "Bitch Better Have My Receipts."

I basically feel the same way that HYS_Fag feels here so enjoy these gifs of Jimin and Jungkook being hot.

just let me live i beg you


Source: jiminassbutt via tumblr. (I swear I didn't make that name up.)

ok, but how about no?

This whole cumback is just unf.

Source: tastylips via tumblr.

(I would post more of the other members, but there's family around and this computer is slow as hell so I'll make it up later. For now enjoy my two faves.)

Oh and the 19+ video for "I Need U" came out today. It's pretty awesome, and I prefer it to the original, the storyline flows better. These boys are so thirsty for pussy they're willing to reject money, kill, take pills, get their ass beat, light motels on fire, light flowers on fire[?] and make a water park in their bathroom[?] for some pussy.


  1. It's rare to see such graphic violence in a mainstream kpop idol group's MV. But it worked well for telling the story.

    1. Yes indeed. I was mostly pleased with just how theatrical the music video looked and how it was shot. It was like I was watching a movie instead of a music video. Not saying that k-pop MV's are low budget because they aren't, but you always get the feelibg that you're watching a music video. But not here, it's like T-ara's longer music videos.

  2. Suga lights my fire...