Thursday, May 7, 2015

This Blog Needs More Soyeon


Soyeon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>your faves.

If I haven't made it apparent enough on this blog, I stan T-ara and I'm also a huge Soyeon stan. However I have found that there is not enough Soyeon on this blog, and I am here to deliver the Soyeon goods.

I'm mostly using pictures from "Day By Day", "Sexy Love", "Do You Know Me?" and "Sugar Free" because she "slays" so hard in those eras.


It's hard to get more adorable than this.


Or pretty.


We are not worthy of your smooches.

And the Sexy Bangs Award goes to: T-ara's Soyeon!

Soyeon and her blue nails are like Hyomin and her sunglasses: they can do no wrong.

Aegyo without even doing aegyo.

I can see the music.

Your slayage is more real than Hwayoung painting her nails.


I'm also a huge fan of her bitch face -__-

Angelic voice, angelic face.

She also deserves credit for having the non-stick thin look that's popular among idols.

Simply a goddess.

If she truly lacked determination, she would have quit T-ara three years ago. Bet netizens didn't think of that now did they?


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