Tuesday, May 19, 2015

[MV Review] SHINee - View

Well shit, SHINee just released my favorite song of the year so far.
I was excited and scared for this comeback. I was excited because it's SHINee, my favorite boy group and also more SHINee means more Onew, the most flawless male in all of k-pop. But Big Bang (my third favorite boy group) let me down with their comeback and I was afraid that it would rub off on SHINee.

Well luckily SM didn't let that happen, and SHINee delivered the goods as expected.

The song takes on a new sound for SHINee as this is heavy EDM 90's house-music but it is fucking fantastic. Seemingly taking inspiration from songs as great was Ru Paul's "Work"(Supermodel) and Madonna's "Vogue." The chorus has that Fashion Show beat to it with the chorus caring well and not letting up. In the opening I thought this was going to be another moody R&B song but I was knocked off of my feet when that chorus hit and I was sold on this song forever and always. Jonghyun wrote the lyrics, and I feel that by "Downtown View" he means looking at your crotch. Show Jonghyun your crotch. Do it. EDIT: It's sadly not "Downtown view" but "Areundum view" which means "Beautiful". 

Needless to say, this is their best song since the iconic "Sherlock."

The music video is probably both my favorite and least favorite SHINee MV. For starters, everyone looks amazing but during the dance shots there's that fuzzy filter so I can only tell who's singing when the camera is on a face or when a good angle is shot. The shots with the boys and those kidnapper Shawols are full of clubbing, drugging, and sexing with a very hippy feel to everything which is fine by me. Onew is his usual another-level-of-attractive self(a level your faves wish they could reach.) Taemin is sexy. Key is flawless. Jonghyun is undeniably one of the sexiest men on the planet. And holy motherfucking GOD Minho is unbelievably hot in this music video. Like wow, my jaw dropped from the second he did that stupid hip-sway dance and he looked sexy as fuck doing it.

Speaking of the dance, it's not really a performance type dance which coming from SHINee is kind of dissapointing, but when you've had two full years of promotions (2013 promotions in Japan, 2014 all Japan) then I guess I wouldn't want to dance extreme either. It's like KARA's "Damaged Lady" dance, simple but fun.

Sorry for fangirling but when SHINee make a comeback and it's this good, don't expect anything less from me.

I give this release a 5/5. Welcome back.


  1. I think the dance suits the song, plus they look like they are having fun, so no complains!
    oh and btw! It's not 'downtown view' it's 'Areundaun-daun-daun-daun view' ie, a beautiful view...!!

    1. Yeah I looked up the lyrics after this review and I felt like such a dumbass XD.