Friday, May 1, 2015

[MV Review] BTS (Bangtan Boys) - "I Need U"

BTS make their badly-timed comeback (same time as Big Bang *ouch!*) But it is none-the-less a great and sinister spin on Red Velvet's excellent "Ice Cream Cake"!
To start off with the song, it's very good in my opinion. I do mean what I said about it reminding me of RV's "Ice Cream Cake" which I fucking loved. These are they are similar:

  • Rough and memorable choruses
  • Great build up to the choruses
  • A bombastic chorus that kicks ass (filled with similar electronic instruments)
  • Serviceable rapping
  • Great breakdown that get's me "crunk"
  • Cheering
  • Amazing final chorus
These are how they differ:

  • Red Velvet's is very, very happy
  • BTS is very, very sad
  • "Ice Cream Cake" is an electro party-anthem that will be played at fun events like pool parties
  • "I Need U" is a angsty and emo hip-hop/r&b party anthem that people will listen to when they're going through a tough breakup
  • "Ice Cream Cake" has some dubstep influence
  • "I Need U" has some trap influence... I'm beginning to think Trap is just the Hip-Hop version of Dubstep
  • ICC is about wanting jizz
  • INU is about wanting pussy
As you can see they are practically the same song, one is just happy and the other is sad and one wants the D while the other wants the V (and I ain't talkin' bout Taehyung.)

What I like about the song, is that it keeps BTS's original sound while still being vastly different from their past singles (which are all pretty different sounding.) What makes it different in a different form is that, while BTS's past singles were instantly addictive, this is like their "Black Swan" which may seem jarring at first but grows on you A LOT after two or three listens. It's not a bad song where you have to listen to it 100 times for it to be salvageable and 1,000 times for it to be good, but it's a natural grower and that's what it did to me.

Speaking of the music video, the boys are bromancing so hard here when they are not looking depressed or...aroused[?] Yeah, I said it. Especially Jungkook, who's is so upset with puberty it hurts him (now that's emo.) But I really like it, especially because well we get JIMIN IN A FUCKING BATHTUB HELLLOOOOO HOW HOT WAS THAT?

Source: fuck-bangtan via tumblr (which came from jomjjeoreo)

But aside from the hottness of the boys, the MV is just really interestingly shot with some nice scenery. Aside from the overly dramatic and cliched parts of the MV that can make eyes roll (including mine) it's nothing short of another milestone in BTS pretty interestingly change-y music video timeline. Well done.

As for the main question some may be thinking, "Do you like Ice Cream Cake or I Need U more?" The answer is still undecided. Every time I think I like ICC better, I play INU and that becomes my favorite, but then I listen to ICC and then that becomes the superior. It's not a bias thing, because I LOVE both Red Velvet and BTS a lot. As for now I'm calling them both equally great.

I'm giving this release a 5/5, meets expectations and is right up there with one of my favorite songs of the year so far.

I'm anticipating the 19+ version, as well as the second part of the release (the mini album is going to be in two parts) because from what I've heard so far of "In the Mood For Love Pt.1", it's pretty damn good.)

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