Friday, May 1, 2015

[MV Review] Big Bang - "Bae Bae"

There is no way I could do the usual summary in one sentence so let's just get on with it.

I wasn't anticipating or excited for this comeback and only because Big Bang are from YG which is the KING troll when it comes to comebacks and debuting new artists. I was shocked that YG actually stuck to his word and actually had Big Bang comeback when they were scheduled to (after the delay of course) so cudos to YG!

I'm not going to review "Loser" because I found that song overly dull but the MV was good, I actually *kind of* like "Bae Bae" as I find it more interesting on the eyes on ears.

I actually thought I'd love this song in the first three seconds with the spaghetti western-like guitar riffs, but then the yoloswag trap beat came in with GD's yoloswag rapping ontop of it. It then transitions to this dream-like guitar state with Taeyang's vocals, and then TOP... Oh TOP is easily the most interesting part of the song, his rapping is almost up to the yoloswag standards of GD with how crazy it sounds. Then Daesung sings in that dream-like part of the song again, taken by Seungri for the wispy bridge, only to be then taken over by the yoloswag beat and GD and TOPs yoloswag adlibs. 

As for the video, ugh... Who gave the director GD's stash? Okay so, from what I've gathered from looking at the video, it's Big Bang living out their wildest fantasies:

  • GD lives out his fantasy of having that priest from The Hunchback of Notre Dame's sex drive.
  • Taeyang lives out his fantasy of becoming Fabio
  • TOP lives out his fantasy of banging Persephone.
  • Daesung lives out his fantasy of banging The Little Mermaid
  • Seungri lives out his fantasy of banging Catwoman. 
Add drugs, color, alcohol, and YG's high-budget music video structure and that is essentially the music video for "Bae Bae."

My final thoughts for this are that, "Bae Bae", while it's nothing great, is still pretty addictive and interesting. As for Big Bang's upcoming releases for the rest of the year, I just hope that they live up to the glory musical quality that they had in 2012. Of course VIP's and YG stans will praise the songs no matter what they sound like, but as for me, a Big Bang fan who stans them for their music (as I stan every other k-pop group I like) I have actual expectations and I know YG artists are possible of putting out true classics.

And it's because of this that I give this release a 3/5, and I'm going easy.

***NOTE**** Don't start bashing me YG Stans because I gave BTS a good review, and am not impressed by "Loser" and "Bae Bae." I am not a YG hater, considering that Big Bang is my third favorite boy group behind BTS, and have praised them (most noticeably GD) for their music. I know they can put out better stuff like this, and if BTS put out some stuff like this while Big Bang released another gem I'd state the truth, and knowing Big Bang, they've saved their best stuff for last. If you love it, good for you, learn to accept other peoples opinions.

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