Sunday, May 10, 2015

[MV Review] BESTie - Excuse Me

BESTie are my new BESTFRieNDS

I'll admit, I've been a BESTie fan for a while now. I wrote an article about them and History a few months ago. I know most people look at BESTie as a second-rate SISTAR with Uji as a second-rate Hyorin(more like Tiffany to me), Hyeyeon as a second-rate Seungyeon, Dahye as a second-rate Yura and Haeryung as a second-rate Dasom, but I love more BEStie songs than I do SISTAR songs (no hate because the good SISTAR songs are GOOD) so obviously being second-rate can't be that bad.

I love the retro-meets modern feel of the songs. Those old school horns are a great touch over the hip-hop beat of the verses. But what really sells the song for me, is the chorus. The chorus is truly amazing here, I wish the whole song was actually just the chorus and the great bridge.

I really like the music video, it's taking a used concept but making it stand out more. It has a lot of comedy with them discovering that the sweet-looking boys are really dirty perverts. The music video is actually pretty daring, not so much for the hilarious outfits but for the gay skinship which is pretty daring for Korea who is known for not being the most open-minded about homosexuals. I also really like the colors used in the music video seeing as it's bright without being blinding.

The members all look good, I don't fig blonde Hyeyeon (who's my bias.) She looks better with darker hair. Uji looks fucking fantastic. Seriously this is probably the best styling I've ever seen on her. Haeryung is her normal pretty Haeryung, and Dahye is Dahye.

I give the release a 5/5. It's a nice fun comeback from BESTie which is well welcomed.

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