Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hyosung Returning As a Soloist With New Mini Album

I enjoyed Hyosung's "Goodnight Kiss" debut (it was cha_cha's jam) as well as her single album, so I calmly accept her return. From the teaser the song sounds a bit weird and synth heavy (people are saying it's sampled from some Spice Girls song) but teasers rarely do songs justice. That hair color looks amazing on her, I know it's not the first time she's had blonde, but blonde on Hyosung never gets old.


  1. Holy moly so many posts at once. Not complaining though!
    So is the actual MV still not released? I though I just missed it because she's been promoting the song already.

    1. The music video came out last night, I was waiting for it too because I saw her live stages of the song and people were already promoting the album.